Writing a Good Dating Profile

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The second of a superb set of online dating tips from best selling author Dr Joel Block Ph.D., relationship expert for CanDoBetter:-

Writing a compelling profile

It is also important to craft a profile that is reflective of the “real” you if you’re hoping to find your “real” Mr. Right or Ms. Right. This is the first time you get to “speak” to your prospective dates. You want to keep things upbeat.  This is not the place to “weed out” people you might not be interested in, nor is it the space to list the fact that you “don’t really know why you’re online” or are “sick of the bar scene.”  It might be true, but why waste profile space on something that doesn’t further your quest to find a match?  Instead, focus on giving someone reading your profile a picture of who you are, and why they would be lucky to know you!

1.  Highlight your hobbies.

Go ahead and mention your quirky skills—that’s fun and different.  For example, you might get responses if you are a champion Frisbee thrower or can sit on the bottom of the pool for 5 minutes. But also be sure to list some interests that are more mainstream, such as restaurants you frequent, books you couldn’t put down, bands that get you revved. Remember—potential dates will also be looking for common “chatting” ground!

2. Don’t be afraid to use humor.

After “attractive,” men and women almost always state they’re seeking someone with a sense of humor. But don’t just say you have it, show it.  One genuinely clever profile moment could net you many future dates.

3. Be confident.

Men can sniff out “needy” or “insecure” miles away.  You’ve got lots to offer the right match for you so play up your strengths!

4. Keep your “What I’m seeking” essay short!

Listing 20 things you’re looking for will be discouraging if prospective dates only match 4 items on that list.  Remember, you’re trying to encourage dates to write!  Everyone wants someone honest, good-looking, fun, intelligent, etc…. so leave those out and put in something more meaningful.  Like, “I tend to be a little serious, so my ideal match would know how to convince me stay in bed on Sunday morning instead of leaping up to head to the gym!”

5. Don’t write your life story.

While you are usually given a significant amount of words to get your point across, keep in mind that people have short attention spans these days. You want to catch attention, so give enough information to make him or her want to know more, but leave them something to wonder about and some questions to ask you!

6. Personalize, personalize, personalize.

Remember, you are trying to explain what makes you unique. The key is to give enough description that someone reading your profile can picture a date with you and all the fun you’ll have.
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