Top 5 First date tips

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Here are our TOP 10 DATING TIPS, when/if you manage to find a prospective partner using one of the online dating sites, you will ( at some point) need to move to the next level and meet up- and making sure that you are mindful of not only how you speak, but also how you are perceived through you actions and you body language

1) Be on time

First impressions count, and making sure that you turn up to your first date on time, not only shows that you are organised, that you care about making a good impression, but also that you respect the person that you are meeting enough to make the effort!

2) Relax!

Yes we know its easy to say, but having a relaxed attitude not only shows attractive qualities like confidence and openness,but also helps to put your potential partner at ease.

3) Smile

No matter how nerve wrecking  it is to walk into a place alone looking for someone youve never met, make sure that you smile

4) Eye contact

Making eye contact shows that you have noting to hide, and helps conversations to flow, and helps the other person gauge how you feel about what they are saying.

5) Give Compliments

Remember that the person that you are meeting may feel just the same as you, giving them a compliment shows that that they were wrong to think that they “may disappoint”

  • Relax during your dinner dates
  • Remember everyone is sharing the blind dating experience too. There’s no need to be nervous; just be your fabulous self!
  • Be punctual
    It’s always best when everyone arrives on time and the introductions with your fellow dinner dates are done together.
  • Eye contact
    It’s a classic one, but maintaining eye contact shows your interest. And try and balance it out around your dinner dates, even if one in particular has caught your attention.
  • Listen
    Show genuine interest in your dinner dates. And if you’ve taken your friends dating with you, make sure you pay special attention to your other guests.
  • Have Fun
    simplydinner cleverly fuses blind dating and dinner dating, to provide a unique experience that we think maximises the fun and entertainment that you can expect whilst London dating. Simply this: enjoy!
  • Go easy on the scent
    Especially important when blind dating in a group situation: you don’t want a concoction of several different strong perfumes to overpower your dinner dating experience.
  • Share London dating stories
    Share any entertaining stories you have about your own London dating experiences, and ask your dinner dates’ about their London dating experiences. It’s always a good talking point and source of amusement.
  • Smile
    Such a simple thing to do that naturally fuels you and the people around you with positivity. It indicates you are happy to be there, in their company, shows your interest and is totally infectious. It works wonders on a blind date.
  • Give a compliment
    ‘Flattery will get you everywhere’. This expression hasn’t materialised from nowhere. It’s a great way to break the ice and get that positivity flowing while you’re dinner dating.
  • Get in touch
    After your dinner, if you wished you got one of your dinner dates’ contact details, but just didn’t manage it on the night, let us know and we’ll pass your contact details and message onto whoever caught your eye.

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