Social Matchmaking with FaceBook

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Online dating has just turned the corner in terms of the way that they use the resources available to match potential partners online, with the advent of social matchmaking or as some call it social dating.

The basic idea is that so many people already have online persona’s and groups of friends that it is no longer difficult to find a little inform out about them given that you have their name and rough location, in the past those that are using traditional dating sites like have had to turn to other sites like facebbook to see if they can get a true feel for what the person that they have been speaking to by email is really like.

The last batch of online dating sites like eharmony UK and match affinity did go a little further by taking detailed information from its users in the form of a personality test, and psychometric profiling, however this was always a behind the scenes process and users had to put trust in the system and also in the fact that the person that they are checking out has answered the questions put to them honestly.

But how can you be sure that the person that your speaking to by email is really living in London, or has a great group of mates from work? Or is actually called mike?
well that’s where Social Matchmaking sites like Heartbroker and Smartdate come in.,


They take away the guessing element of the whole process by actually involving other people that really know both you and your prospective partner in real like, and the site gives them the opportunity to actually add comments or testimonials about the persons character and things that they have said.
This may sound a little odd- but we think that it signals the new way of meeting people online, think about it.. would you lie on your profile knowing that people that you know would be able to see what you have written?

Now before you go thinking that you will be putting yourself at risk of having secerets shared that you would rather not, don’t worry all of the information that your chosen group of friends submit on your behald has to be agreed by you before it is made publically available.

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