Rochelle Peachey the Brains behind I love Your Accent

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Ever thought that you would like to meet somone with ans Irish, American or Australian Accent?  has it ever dawned on you that YOUR london, Manchunian or even Nottingham accent my be somebody elses dream?

Roll on the popular online Dating site Just for you! When we came across the site we just had to try to find out what the motivations behind creating it were, and were lucky enough to get an interview with the founder of the site Rochelle Peachey.

But before we get into the how and why though- we thought that we had better mention that Valentines Day this year is I Love Your Accent’s 1st birthday and we have found that the site is offering some great birthday gifts to new members, including flights and a whole host of other goodies!

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is join the site before February 14th 2011!  how easy is that??

Winners will be announced at 5pm on Valentines day –

I love your accent

The Road to I Love Your Accent

Our main question was: What let to the site, and how did your online experiences contribute to this idea?
When I wrote my books internet dating was in its infancy, certainly in the UK. I was helping out a friend who just had to have a boyfriend as she is (was) one of those women who cannot be single even for a day. We were going to a big party 7 of us  and she was whining about not having a bloke and said she wasn’t going.

I picked up a copy of Loot and said we should look at the men in there and find someone, it was lighthearted and fuelled by Lambrusco.! She didn’t like any of the 400 that were listed so I said lets place an ad for you and see who comes along. In my infinite wisdom I assured her there would be about 10 replies, 5 would be ****** and the other 5 might be ok and .

Long story short, I placed the ad over the phone with my voice and described her. They had to respond via the phone after seeing only copy in the paper.
The 10 replies I had predicted turned into over 700 all from a very bland ad.
She went off and met someone in Costa Coffee the next day and there were all these “men” answering the ad with tales of Big cars, big salary’s ad even bigger you know whats, it was astounding and so intriguing. Some men complained about their wives, yes many were married and others wanted to be treated like slaves, babies and even a Ring master (don’t ask).

I contacted a journalist mate who suggested I call Virgin Pub and have a chat, I did and a book was in the making. I went out and met 702 men for the book Eat Your Lonely Hear Out, cleverly named because I met everyone in a restaurant for safety reasons and of course if it was a crap date at least you could have a decent meal! I met CEO’S Postmen, Architects, a News Reader from Sky but that’s all I’m saying, builders, an Actor, entrepreneurs , journalists (oh yes) Solicitors, Bank Managers, Police men, fire men, dancers and on and on.
I moved to USA with my boyfriend who I begged to marry me as I was scared to be single after all the  nut jobs I had met and I got a book deal with Random House in NYC. They wanted me to write the same book but in USA. In a nutshell the men were the same, a little more weird and there was a selectio who only wanted to meet me because I was English. ‘Do you know the Queen, Elton John was Dianna murdered, what’s happening in Eastenders and Coronation Avenue (I kid you not). One man bowed to me and sang Rule Britannia in Burger King in NJ another wore a cape to make me feel at home as “that’s what  you guys wear in London right”?

It was an experience for sure.
Fast forward to 2 years ago in Florida. I was being asked if I could find an English girl for this guy and that guy then in UK my friends were asking if I knew any American guys I could set them up with. So the idea for ILYA was born. I never wanted to compete wiht the big guys, how could I, but we had a niche idea and so we followed it through. My husband came up with the name I Love Your Accent and we even have the TM for it now.
Since our launch on Valentines Day 2010 5 couples have married and one baby born and another is on the way, so we know it works.
The biggest hurdle is getting members to write a witty and eye catching header and profile. Who is going to email the man or woman who has no picture up and writes  stuff like “I am lonely and bored and I saw this site in the paper, email me for more info”? I don’t think so! Then they email me and say the site is not working for them…….hello?

If you are feeling bitter or peeeed off tonight, don’t write your profile, wait until tomorrow, have a glass of wine and make nice. Write about the things you like to do, your hopes and dreams for the future and the places you have visited and where you want to travel to.
Don’t talk about your horrible ex and your nasty boss or next door neighbour, keep it positive and upbeat , no one wants to know that you cant pay your electric bill and do not ever ask any one for money!

Its not about being the most beautiful or handsome, of course looks are important but what I tell my members is this, looks aren’t everything but they are the first thing. So grab a camera and a good friend, take one or two decent pictures and market yourself online like there is no tomorrow. If you cannot do it, then I will write your profile with input from you, we can jazz it up and  even you will want to date you.
You will only get out what you put in but it should be fun and help you to achieve what you are looking for.

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