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PARSHIP REVIEWS is a dating site seems to be targeted at professional people 30 years plus who have no time to find a long term relationship through traditional methods..They also have a sister website called gay-parship which has proven to be just as successful and shows how progressive a site they are.Unusually on the initial page that you enter ,after putting in the name of the site,is the option for entering the site using various languages,rather than just english this is something i havent seen before when reviewing similar online dating websites, and shows how universal the site is known.,. There are a few statistics shown before getting down to the nitty gritty, including the biggest being the fact that their indepth compatibility test is based on over 30 years of scientific research and is proven to be successful based on the success stories that can be viewed easily throughout the site,. The compatibility test is completed using a team of international specialist pyschologists and through customer feedback and scientific reports this is updated constantly.

This site is definately not the one for you if you are just looking for a bit of fun or flirting. Their information shows that this is a higher class, very professional kind of dating site, and the simple but effective layout and design reflects this.They have included snippets from newspapers that sponser them including the Independant and The Times and the first page is a general write up of what you can expect from the site. There is a strong team of 60 customer service men and women that are dedicated to making your journey as easy and smooth as possible,and our safety of personal and financial security is obviously important to them as they always guarantee that every persons profile and photos are screened first to stop inappropriateness of any kind in its tracks and even when they are approved, your private photos are still blurred leaving it down to you when to allow anyone else to see them when you feel comfortable enough.

I would recommend before even signing up that you browse through the information that is set out. Although slightly tedious reading i was left feeling very confdent in using their site and surely it is always best to read the packaging before you try the product?!

The literature says it takes 15 minutes to complete your compatibility test, mine took about 20 mins and some of the questions and pictures shown seemed bizarre, but i did had fun completing it and i advise that you do stay with it, as not only can you learn more about yourself but it helps to be as honest as possible so that the users can get a good insight into you and your personality. You then need to answer a few more standard questions but it is helped by boxes of text of support to the side of the page,from the team and helpful advice on your progress. Ater this is completed your recommended matches come onto the screen quickly and is regularly updated to keep you informed of new members. Again i noticed how ‘safe’ the site is, as the pictures were, as i said earlier, blurred and very litle information is shown at the beginning,the professional side of this site shows clearly as the only real information you are given before clicking on someone is their profession and username.

When you do find someone that is of interest,click on them and then their profile will come up in more detail. I thought a nice touch was that your compatibility score in relation to the other user, comes on screen, scored out of a 100. You can also filter the searches further, in relation to interests to narrow down your search if none of the options appeal to you,. If you do want to take things further then you have the option of either sending a contact request email, send a smile, or send a pre-done icebreaker, which is simply a little fun multiple choice quiz. And for each of these you can get help from the sites team if required and caters for everyones confidence levels. Of course you may not be ready to take the next step and communicate with someone straight away even if their profile is of interest to you. Parship have thought about this as well and you can make notes privately, what interested you, what didnt, that kind of thing,to save until you have exhausted your search.

The set out of the main pages are professional, efficient and clearly catagorised. The first box available literally can give you all the information you need to take your journey from start to finish which is reassuring to know,You can jump from your messages to notifications about who has viewed your profile with the upmost of ease and it really is a calm atmosphere to start searching for that special someone. Even though there are serious undertones to Parship, there are also links to their online magazine which includes fun dating quizzes and polls and also includes various information regarding the dating process and helpful hints and tips from their relationship experts,and lastly many of the sites success stories nad balanced reviews.. All readily available and in one place, which again, is rare for online dating sites.

For the free service i would say there is quite a lot on offer, more than other big dating sites, but obviously if you do sign up as a ‘premier membership’, plenty of other options become available, including unlimited conversations, the contact guarantee and most importantly i would say is the ability to review your indepth personality report which is a lengthy report really detailing your personality and communication skills which i found to be very acurate and can be suprising with the outcome of their thoughts on you and what kind of people they recommend for you. If after reading your report, you feel you want to discuss it for any reason or learn more about yourself, that is possible to do as well, with a customer service number that you can ring and it will get you though to a doctor who has an interest in pyschiatry, they wil help break down your report and give you any advice needed,

It suprised me at how many statistics, press reports and different bits of advice and help that are on offer all throughout the site. I feel it really did make a difference to the comfortable factor of using the site and encouraged me to believe that the other subscribers were looking for the same as i was and ther would be no confusion in waht i was looking for.

As usual for online dating sites they have various payment plans on offer, starting from 1 month up to 6 months,all of which i feel are good value for money. There are quite a lot of discounts and promotional offers availabe, including one on the 3 month membership of up to 50% discount. This coupled with their guarantee on their 3 month subscription which says if you dont get a certain amount of communication they offer even more discounts shows how commited they are to helping you as the paying member.Even offering free weekends occasionally which allows you to use all their services that usually only a paid member could access.

In conclusion i would highly recommend this site to those people that are in high income, professional jobs who are looking for that long term relationship.If you are interested in anything else then i would look around. However Parship not only offer fantastic discounts which i think make the subscription more than worthwhile but the research speaks for itself and is a very sucessful online dating service.