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With the dozens of match making websites you can find online, which one is the most effective at finding the right person to share your life with? One such website is Match Affinity, a dating service that promises to find the best suited person for your life. This Match Affinity review will cover the basics of what Match Affinity does and the success rate it enjoys, revealing some of the details in this Match Affinity review that will shed some light on the effectiveness of this program.


What is the Purpose of Match Affinity?


The website promotes itself as finding a person with the same “wavelength” as you, meaning that this is for people who are looking at a serious, long term relationship. In essence, finding someone you have true “affinity” with. For this part of the Match Affinity review, the website encourages more of a serious tone which is typical of most matchmaking websites.


How it Works.


This part of this Match Affinity review is revealing just how this program works. The premise behind Match Affinity dating service seems rather standard at first, you enter your information including likes, hobbies, personality traits and so forth, then through statistical analysis you are presented with a few selections that match the information you put in about yourself.


This Match Affinity review gives good marks for the questionnaire being free to fill out and including important issues such as your individual outlook on love and how you view money, which can be a very important aspect in long term relationships. Your questionnaire is then given a “score” which is they compared to others and you are given a choice of compatible matches. You’ll also get a breakdown of your relationship compatibility.


For this Match Affinity review, we offer good marks for presenting like minded people as potential choices, though this is fairly standard with many dating websites. Also for the purposes of this Match Affinity review, the breakdown you receive from the website can give you insight into your own personality as others see it. If this matches the truth, then you are doing well, if not then you need to make some changes.


Additional Information


The process does not stop here. In this Match Affinity review we saw that online coaching is part of the process as well which includes dating advice, who to look for, and finally adding photos and the like to your own page.  Your obligation to pay only occurs when you go beyond the initial contact with a person you find “compatible”.


Final Analysis


This Match Affinity review finds that this website is similar in structure to many online dating services with the addition of online coaching which is an interesting option that can allow you too see more into yourself, one of the most important aspects in finding success in any dating situation is how well you understand your own personality. For that, the Match Affinity review gives high marks for this website. It is relatively easy to use and understand with no real fees until you decide to pursue one of the other Affinity members.