Lovestruck Online Dating Reviews


Do you miss the feeling of being lovestruck?  If that’s the case, then there’s a good chance that you are a single professional.  In this time and age wherein we have to earn a lot of money, who has the time to date and fall in love?

Lovestruck to the rescue!

This is where Lovestruck comes into the picture.  According to the site, it’s “where busy people click”.  We think that’s a clever play of words.  Since it’s an online dating site, you would need to click around using your mouse until you find someone that you “click” with.  That’s clever.

On a more serious note, it claims to be “The world’s best dating service for single professionals”.  Now, that’s a huge claim.  We’ve seen a lot of online dating sites that cater to the professional market so you have to wonder if this site is all talk and no walk.

A Worldwide Market

Even without exploring the site, you can already see that the site does indeed cater to the world.  Right now, it caters to areas in and around London, New York, Sydney, Ireland, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.  Now, this is a very good thing.  Take a look at those areas and you’ll see that most of them are business hubs.  So if you’re being transferred to London for business, you can still find love.

Why is it hard for professionals to date?

Professionals are stuck in a rut that they’d like to call the corporate ladder.  In their quest to climb this corporate ladder, they have very little time for anything else.  If you’re a professional, then you understand.

In addition, professionals also have high standards.  They only want the best things in life – the best cars, the best houses, the best gadgets and the likes.  Needless to say, they only want the best when it comes to their partner.  Usually, they’re also looking for professionals who want the same things in life.  Can you imagine how two professionals will get to know each other better if they don’t have time for each other?

Online Dating is the Key

One of the best things about online dating is you can get to know each other better in the comfort of your own home.  There’s no need to spend an hour getting ready for a date.  You can use that hour to look for compatible matches instead.  This way, you don’t have to waste your time with dates that you’re not compatible with.

Lovestruck Review

Right now, their claim to be the best is just a personal claim on their part.  But when you look at it, they do have the right to make that claim.  Here are some of the best things that make Lovestruck one of the best, if not the best online dating site for professionals:

  • You can choose your destination.

If you’re located in London, you can find singles in London.  If you’re located in New York, you can find singles in New York.  It’s that simple.  Who knows?  You might even find someone working in the same building that you work in.

  • Signing up is easy.

Signing up for an account is very easy.  There are no long questionnaires involved.  You start with specifying the city that you’re in.  It’s important to note that you just can’t go ahead and check out singles in other locations.  They have systems in place that prevents you from doing so.  So if you’re located in Glasgow, you can’t just sign up for an account in New York.  This works just fine so you will be matched with people near you.  You’re busy enough as it is.  You wouldn’t have the time to have a long distance relationship with another professional anyway.

  • It’s specifically for professionals.

The site takes pride in making sure that only professionals sign up for the site.  So if you’re a professional looking for a professional, this site is for you.

  • You’ll get a streamlined profile.

You’ve seen those dating sites that cram all sorts of information on the profile page.  With Lovestruck, you’ll only see the information that you need to see.

  • It has simple communication tools.

You can send “winks” and emails.  There’s no need for complicated communication tools especially with the “free tonight” and “free for lunch” features that show up in your profile.


Registering and browsing the site is free.  A free member can also take advantage of other features depending on where he’s located.  But why waste time with a free membership if you can get a paid membership and take advantage of all the site’s features?

So how much is a paid membership?  If you’re in London, the cost is more expensive.  Here are the prices:

  • ·       £35 (1 month)
  • £65 (3 months)
  • £99 (6 months)
  • £139 (12 months)

It’s cheaper for the rest of the UK.  Here are the prices:

  • ·       £19 (1 month)
  • £29 (3 months)
  • £49 (6 months)

In addition, you can also take advantage of a three-day membership for only £9.  Sure, these prices may be more expensive than the other online dating sites.  But remember, you want the best that life has to offer.  When it comes to online dating for single professionals, this is the closest that you’ll get.