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HeartBroker.com Review -In a Nutshell -

Heartbroker.com is a site that I can honestly say has impressed me, and believe me I’ve been through a few!
My overriding feeling once I had taken a tour of the site was "About time!"

Online dating has been crying out for a way to siphon out the fake profiles and to call those that lie in their profile to task – and Heartbroker delivers in this respect, as fakers have nowhere to hide, and you can actually trust the information that has been submitted as it may have been submitted by a group of people who actually know the person your checking out!

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    Full Heartbroker.com- online dating review completed 1st of Feb 2010

    The basic idea of Heartbroker is that the service is closely linked to Facebook, and that your friends can contribute to your search for love by providing honest ratings of your traits and adding a quick “character references ” for you, that others can read ( if your approve them).
    This is taken from the Heartbroker site:

    Heartbroker is the first and only dating site that uses objective feedback from trusted friends to determine compatibility between potential matches. Here’s how it works:
    1. Friends provide confidential and honest ratings about you on a series of traits (no one EVER sees these ratings). They also write a brief testimonial about you that, if approved by you, can be viewed by potential matches.
    2. If you accept the friend as your trusted “Heartbroker”, the ratings are used to determine your compatibility with potential matches
    Heartbroker is integrated with Facebook so that the sign-up process is a breeze, your friends can profile you in seconds, and you can start communicating with matches instantly.

    I firmly believe it is a site to look out for as I’m positive the site will rise quickly through the ranks of the most successful online dating sites that are currently available.
    Craig Robinson (Co-Founder of the site) has very cleverly incorporated social relationships with the basics of a dating site, by using trust and honesty from your ‘friends community’ to pair you with your most compatible match and already has had many successes.

    Although it is an online dating site, this one stands out from the crowd.

    The main positive of this site in my opinion is that it is also a Facebook application(which as I’m sure you know social networking sites are increasing in popularity daily)and recruits friends, family, colleagues – in fact whoever you choose from your friends list to help build your profile which gives you a refreshing and honest opinion of yourself.
    If we’re honest it is far too easy as a single person on the more traditional Dating sites to fabricate an online dating profile, whether its a small white lie to make yourself seem more interesting, or mysterious! Or right through to building your profile from a Nigerian shack hoping to rip off an unsuspecting single!.

    But whatever the reason, you can end up with an inaccurate personal profile after trying to “sex up” your persona, and not only does this put pressure on you to be ‘that person’ but also how do you know the persons profile you are looking at is not as accurate as you hoped either.
    However by using Heartbroker.com you are able to use the views and opinions of your closest friends by picking them from your friends lists and allowing them to fill out a short questionnaire about you, things like personality traits and compatibility with other interested singles, and you can be safe in the knowledge that no one ever sees the completed questionnaires.

    Don’t worry- no information is ever published to your Facebook profile and anything that is said has to be passed by you before it is used.
    The results are then used to check your compatibility with other users. It might seem a little uncomfortable, or even daunting to rely on information given from your friends but it wont be anything they don’t already know about you and at least you wont be paired up with someone that is totally unsuitable.

    How Do you Join HeartBroker?

    You have two options-

    1.To sign up for yourself and invite your friends to comment on you.

    2. If you have a friend who agrees to it, you can sign up on their behalf and send the information you have given to your friend for their approval.

    Once your in, the layout of the site is different from other online dating sites to. Modern, fresh and vibrant designs with easy going guides at the bottom of the initial page both for the single user and for the friend if they choose to sign up.

    Most of the basic information is pulled from your facebook profile but you can change or add to that information, you are then asked quick, easy questions about the type of person you are looking for and then you are able to invite friends to profile you, to enable your most compatible matches to come up, which again was quick and easy to use and you can start chatting almost instantly to those matches.

    Once your have signed up for a free account, you are able to use many of the features of the site for as long as you want, however like most online dating services you have to buy a membership of sorts to use other features like communications channels .
    Instead of having to pay a Heartbroker Subscription each month you can actually buy Heartbroker Credits that you can exchange for communication access- it’s a sort of Pay As You Go option that seems to work out quite well.

    The whole site is simple but very effective. If you are looking for someone and you want to do it easily with no fuss and with trust worthy people, then who better than the dating site that works closely with your social networking site and those friends and family around you.
    Heartbroker.com is a site I am very happy to recommend and after using it for myself am using it again for friends.