Encounters Online Dating Reviews


There is a rising trend of reputable newspaper companies owning their own online dating sites.  The Times and The Sunday Times, two of the most respected newspapers in the UK, decided to join the fray by putting up Encounters – now one of the most popular dating sites in the UK.

An Online Dating Site for Beginners

Encounters realizes that the online dating industry is a competitive one.  There are a lot of established sites that are not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.  However, they also recognized the fact that there are a lot of people who are intimidated by these established sites.  This is why Encounters packaged itself to be the online dating site for those who are looking to get their toes wet with online dating.  Is this the first time that you’ll join an online dating site?  That’s not a problem.  The site’s wide array of features will make you feel welcome.

Isn’t it a good idea to meet someone who’s also new to online dating?  For starters, you already have something in common before you even start communicating with him or her!  Besides, a lot of people steer clear of “veterans”.  Their reason is they don’t want to hook up with someone who still hasn’t find someone special after a very long time.  If the features of online dating sites can’t help him or her find love, then maybe there’s something wrong with that person.

It’s different if you’re going to meet someone who’s new to this.  There’s no intimidation involved and you don’t need to be afraid that you’ll be taken advantage of.  You can explore online dating together and maybe down the line, decide that you’re meant for each other.

Success Stories

Some people would say that it’s “beginner’s luck” if a beginner finds a great date on Encounters.  But with the countless of success stories, beginner’s luck is out of the question.  You can check out these success stories and it’s easy to see how you can achieve the same success.  Most of these success stories credit their success to the site’s features.

What Makes Encounters Great

You would think that a site designed for beginners will have simple and ineffective tools.  But that’s not the case with Encounters.  They also have great features that even long-time users will love.  What they did was they made the site user-friendly.  This way, you can easily take advantage of the site’s features that include:

  • A solid membership base

The site boasts of 82,000 plus active members.  It’s not that hard to imagine how you can meet someone with all those members waiting for you.  In addition, these are quality members.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for someone classy and intelligent.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for someone with a great sense of humor.  How about an educated man?  You can find them on the site.  If you’re still in doubt, you can start a search for free.

  • A safe environment

This is something that beginners appreciate.  The site has several safety features in place to ensure the safety of their members.  Sure, they can’t guarantee 100% safety.  Members need to use their common sense as well.  But the site has done its very best in order to make sure that the site has a safe and secure environment.  For example, the site goes through the painstaking process of checking out all submitted profiles and photos to make sure that they’re real.

  • Thoughtful features

You want to join but you don’t have access to a scanner in order to scan and upload the best photos that you have?  You can contact their scanning service and they’ll take care of it for you.  Need help?  Check out the comprehensive FAQs section.  If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, help is a few clicks away.  Are you just browsing and you don’t want to commit yet?  Save the profiles that caught your attention to your favourites so you can easily go back to them.  Do you like looking at pictures first?  Why not browse the gallery to view the 100 most recent uploaded photos?  These are just some of the thoughtful features that the site has.

  • Mobility

You don’t have to hibernate in your room to take advantage of the site.  Encounters has a mobile version so you can easily use the site on the go!encounters dating reviews


With a free membership, you can already check out profiles.  But you need a paid membership in order to take advantage of the site’s full features.  A one-month membership is only £32.00.  However, it’s much more logical to take advantage of the three-month membership which is only £62.00 for a total savings of £34.00.  Afterwards, the monthly membership is only £20.67.  If you want more savings, then the six-month membership is quite a steal at £90.00 for a total savings of £102.00.  Afterwards, the monthly membership is only £15.00.

The Verdict

The site was designed with beginners in mind.  But with the site’s features, even non-beginners can benefit from the site.  Check it out today.