eHarmony Reviews

eharmony Review -In a Nutshell - eHarmony is an online dating site that relies upon your input to find you potential matches, and then sends them to you in a daily email.
The driving force of the site is the compatibility matching system-and this makes for an excellent way to find potential matches, whilst not spending too much time searching.

The site is ideal for those that are serious about finding a compatible partner for a lasting relationship but dont want to spend hours searching through a databse.

Things to look out for:

  • The site filters out those that are unsuitable- this includes the recenlty seperated and those that have devorced in the past.
  • Make sure that you complete your profile as fully as you can, as this is used to find your matches!
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    Full eharmony reviews- online dating review completed 26/11/10

    eharmony Reviews – detail

    Our eharmony reviews are designed to give users a clear look at what the eharmony dating site has to offer and give users a clear idea of what they can expect form the relationship service, please read through our research- and we hope that it helps find your sole-mate.

    It has one of the most in-depth and reputable personality profiling systems known and can also state that the site has over 5,000,000 registered UK singles at any one time.

    As I first entered the eHarmony site to complete my reviews, I noticed the happy picture of the man and woman boldly shown on the front page, and actually found myself smiling, they represent the thing you’re looking for and immediately put me at ease. At the bottom of the page there is even a 4 step quick guide to help guide members through the site which gets rids of any last minute dating jitters. The layout is simple and the warm colours magnifying the subject headings were effective and did their job.

    The few usual online dating questions begin the process, easy enough, which then leads to the beginning of your personality profile with a lengthy questionnaire.

    This can be taken take at your own pace and it is possible to save your answers and go back to it when time permits, for the purposes of our eharmony reviews we set aside 15 minutes for the questionnaire- but this could easily take a novice 20 minutes, so get a drink and a biscuit.

    The point being users answer the questions as honestly and detailed as possible, to get the best variable benefits and results from the site.

    The questions can be basic; however there are some that sprinkle a little bit of fun in with the mix. I would suggest always going with your instincts when choosing your answers, as we have done for our previous eharmony reviews- with great success. Not only will it save time, as over-analysing will waste that time, but also, usually your first instinct is the more honest one, instead giving members thinking time to put what they imagine they should be writing instead of what they truly feel inside.

    I will say at this point that if it is just a quick fling, or a bit of fun and flirting, that you’re looking for then maybe this isn’t the dating site for you, purely because of the in-depth questions, but either way the compatibility profiling, in my opinion, is worth doing, not only to give an insight into your own personality and wants and needs, but also to help someone else to get a better insight into your personality traits and hopefully leave them wanting more.

    Moving on to more uncommon dating questions, including the last book you read, your opinions on inspirations etc, maybe not the normal, run of the mill dating questions but it allows other members to see past the usual, height, colour of eyes and get too see a bit deeper.

    In fact I enjoyed the variety and it was reassuring to know that because the questions have been compiled after years of scientific research be the eharmony team and is based on comparing the 29 dimensions of character and personality, they are carefully composed so I knew the site were putting in as much effort as I was, to achieve my goal of finding the most compatible long term match. Usually at this point users would be able to start their journey by using the search facilities and see your recommended matches that are sent to you, for you to review at your own pace. eHarmony does send you a large variety of compatible matches (after a short while of compiling your results) but the actual search facility isn’t really there as the system relies on sending through matches and on your ow reviews of these matches for suitability.

    This is a great method for those people that want all the hassle taken out of the process and haven’t got the time for trawling through endless profiles. The site takes all the responsibility away for you, and even though they are in control, there is still plenty of variety and choice available to you as the matches are regularly updated. You can always refine your searches, but it would mean changing your profile which takes time, and really just cements the fact that you need to be sure of the answers you write to the questions posed n your first test. However the matches chosen for you will cover at least some of the characteristics you are looking for, so doesn’t take anything away from you finding that special someone.

    When you do see someone that you take an interest in, there are a couple of ways to go ahead, one, an icebreaker-which unlike the normal methods of winking or smiling, you can choose from the menu a pre prepared introduction or catchphrase, again taking away the worry of what to say.

    You can also use the eharmony process called ‘guided communication’ which includes sets of questions that you both send to each other to reply to, followed by another form of what’s important to you in a relationship and definite do’s and don’ts. When you have both had time to look at each other’s answers then you can compile your own tailored questions, if all this is successful then you can start emailing. At first glance this may sound painstakingly long and worthless, maybe even a tad controlled but their processes have been proven to be very successful and it is surely beneficial to get to know that person and what makes them tick if you are wanting a long lasting and fulfilling relationship?

    If after all this you decide the person is not for you but you are worried or uncomfortable with ending the communication with them, eHarmony has brilliantly covered that problem as well by having the ability of sending a small polite standard message that lets the other person know how you feel and end the conversations.

    At this point I would be describing all of the added extras like instant chat and quizzes etc but EHarmony has none of that. I did not see that as a negative point though as I think the site and its success speaks for itself, simple but very effective.

    Although there are processes you can complete while using the free service I would definitely recommend getting a subscription to enjoy all the benefits and increasing your chance of finding love. There are packages available from 1 month through to the full 12 months subscription.

    All are incredibly good value for money and this is where the added extras do come in, with plenty of promotional offers and discounts available. In my opinion it is more beneficial to go with the full 12 month subscription as it allows users time to get to know people, or even get to know various people, never hurt to keep your options open at first!

    If you’re looking for long term love, haven’t got a lot of spare time and want all the work taken away from you but still retain the choice then the EHarmony site is most definitely for you and I would highly recommend it.