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My single friend Review 2010

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My Single Friend is not your usual internet relationship site, and makes a refreshing change to the usual fare. The site not only aims to find relationships for your single friends but also looks to find companionship with other singles out there.
My single friend is different because you need to be referred by someone that you know, so in YOUR case if you were to sign up you would create a profile for your friend, not yourself – most of us know at least one friend that is single and that we think should be with someone- and now is your chance to help them on there way to finding love.

Signing up- Creating your My Single Friend profile

As we said before this site turns the traditional relationship site template on its head and asks users to fill out profiles on behalf of others. The sign up process if very simple (apart from finding suitable picture of your friend) and after around 20 minutes you are left with a very pleasant take on your friends likes and dislikes and a few bits about your friend and what you think would make them the perfect partner. Now once you have created a profile for your friend (using their email address) the administrators of the site will contact your friend and offer them the chance to join

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What you get – features

Well apart from the free profile builder and excellent search features, My single friend offers the chance to send emails to other members on the relationship site, you can also upload several pictures of your freind at once allowing you to quickly build a picture of your friends likeness, you can see when other members that you think may suit your friend were last online- one of our favourite features is the ability not only to keep a track of those that have viewed your profile but also to block other users that you feel my be unsuitable from contacting your friend..

The Hunt – searching My Single Friend

As far as relationship sites go My single friend offers the usual in terms of search- from the mundane postcode search to a more in depth search looking at the traits that you are looking to find in a potential partner for your buddy. Other than searching and actually getting in touch there are no additional ice breaker options like winks or nudges like those that you may expect to find on other relationship site- however to counter this lack of interaction for thos of you that are shy, there is the ability for your friend ( the person that suggested you join) to pick likely dates for you and save them for your approval at a later date.

Free vs Paid site

The free subscription was a bit too light on options and features to allow us to get a real idea of how the site performs without having paid a subscription, but given that dating direct is one of the cheaper relationship sites that we have reviewed – paying for the full membership was no too much of a burden- and actually quite good value for money.

Cost of my single friend membership subscription

  • Free to register for’s service, and set up a profile.
  • £18.00 per month for 1 month.
  • £27 for 2 months
  • £34.00 for 3 months
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