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Right now is the UK’s biggest and best known relationship site, and with a UK membership base of over 46.million there really is a very good chance that you will find what you are looking for, in a simple and fun format that is packed with features.

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Getting started – Signing up and creating your relationship profile,

When you first sign up you are able to create a free profile, and this will let you get a feel for what the site offers. Being able to use the search facility without having to pay a subscription – we though was a great idea, as it gives you the opportunity to see the profiles of other users and also keep an eye on how much interest your own profile has generated..

Putting together your online persona can take a while, as there are several categories to complete- however we actually found this quite reassuring as it showed us what information other people on the site would have had to supply and gave us a confidence in the matching systems robustness.
This level of detail helps the matching system compare your own character traits and preferences against those of the profile that you are viewing, and the matching system will highlight areas where you and your prospective partner are similar, meaning that you can quickly identify the information that is most important to you and focus in on that.

What’s bundled in – Features

One of the features that we really liked was the fact that match. Com actually give you your own “match” email address, meaning that your own email address can be kept secret, and clear of spam. This email address can be used to send direct messages to people that have caught your eye, and then pop back later to see if they have replied. Any of you that have used Facebook, will already be quite familiar with some of the great little additions to your profile page, winks are a prime example ( or nudges on facebook ) If you do find someone that you may be interested in but don’t really want to dive right in with a full-blown e-mail you can simply send a wink, and the will trigger an automated e-mail telling the one of the profile that you have winked that you may be interested in communicating further – this is a great feature if your rushed for time but want to get the ball rolling whilst your away form the internet.

Also much like facebook you can add favourites, this is a list of your favourite profiles pinned to your homage, allowing you to see if they are online and any updates that they have made without having to search for them all over again.
Match UK have become the latest UK Relationship site to delve into the scientific realm of the online compatibility test and creating full personality profiles- the match effort can best be described as s dumbed down version of the eharmony UK or Parship UK systems – you will be asked a range of specific questions aimed at helping you create a full picture of yourself, and then match. Com will compare this with compatibility profiles of others, sending you e-mails of your closest matches and inviting you to interact with them further.

The hunt- Searching on

The main selling point of is the fact that the interface is so intuitive and easy to use- we found that there was no guesswork needed as each element of the search profiles feature did exactly what you expected it to. We found the search feature of the most comprehensive and customisable search of all of the UK Relationship sites that we have rated to date.
The search interface allows you to search based on either basic or specific criteria for age range, sex and how close they live to you, but also their build, if they have a photo, their ethnicity or the level that they are educated to. Again this is where your personality matching profiles come into play, you can simply chose to search for those that match your own traits, or can even reverse the whole system and highlight those that are looking for the traits that you have. UK have a very useful feature called the Connections Page, for those of you the have heard of the 6 degrees of separation theory, this page is a visual representation of this. For those of you that have know idea about the six degrees, its very simple, every person is said to be linked to every other within just six “moves” and the diagram to explain this theory looks like a spiders web of interconnecting people. This is how the Connections page turns out, it shows you all of the profiles of people that you have interacted with all on one page , a really useful feature to help you keep track of your online relationships.
Match .com have masses of users online all the time, this may be due to the community feel of the site and other little quirks that set apart from other UK Relationship sites, or may be down to the continued advertising drive on TV, print and online – but what this means is that you will always have someone that you can chat to, and that the love of your life may well be sat waiting for your wink!

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Free V Paid

Signing up to match .com relationship site on a free basis is actually what we would recommend to anyone serious about finding love online, with a free account you get to do a very thorough search and see how likely you think it is that you will actually gain a relationship out of the paid subscription. There are limitations and you don’t get to play with most of the excellent features on offer- however we felt that the free account system give a very accurate representation of the paid subscription. With the majority of matches best features being reserved for paying members, the different between free and paid is immense, and we cant recommend UK highly enough in terms of the sheer number of members and superb search facilities that are on offer. With all said and done offer by far the best value for money with 6 months FREE is you don’t find live in your first six months, .

Cost of membership subscription
  • £22.80 per month for 1 month.
  • £15.22 per month for 3 months (£45.65 in total).
  • £10.88 per month for 6 months (£65.25 in total).
  • Sometimes MATCH.COM offer a free 7 day trial of all features UK features
  • is the UK’s biggest relationship site with over 4.6 million members.
  • MatchWords: up to 50 keywords that members can search that will be associated with your profile.
  • Filly featured and capable search feature allowing you to target your search efforts
  • You can save past searches – meaning that you don’t have to reselect criteria for each search
  • E-mail notifications sent with details or perspective relationships.
  • Reverse Match feature: this allows you to see who has requested matches with your qualities.
  • Who’s viewed me search: Lets you see the profiles of those that have searched and clicked on your profile
  • FREE search facility means that you can check out what the site offers, only paying subscription if you want to contact a member.
  • Once subscribed you can wink at members to start the ball rolling.
  • e-mail address :(subscription only).
  • Connections feature that links you with everyone that you have interacted with all in one place (Subscription)
  • Includes polls, relationship tips and other relationship advice.
  • Custom profile
  • Once subscribed you can wink at members to start the ball rolling.
  • e-mail address :(subscription only).
  • The ability to create and save a list of your favourite profiles..
  • Being able to click “Not Interested” to winks and emails meaning that you can and block unwanted advances.
  • Match International where members can search match cites across the globe, super for those of you willing to travel!.
  • Windows Live Alerts which is a really cool feature that lets the match system notify you of important events by MSN, mobile, windows e-mail).
visit uk dating site