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Love and friends UK Dating site Review Relationship site have a very clear client group in mind, and the entire feel and functionality of the site is geared toward attracting young professional types, and to date they have gained a membership base of over 130,000 members in the UK. As the name implies this is not strictly just a relationship or even dating site as they actively encourage members to form friendships, and even offer a few networking opportunities. This maybe related to the thinking that if you are friends first you may find qualities that would me missed in a blind date scenario.

Given that Love and friends don’t really offer any meaningful FREE trial, yes you can create a profile and use a basic search function, you would need to be able and willing to put your money where your mouth is and pay up to see what the site really offers. Luckily the relationship site team have already done the signing up and paying for you!
We did ponder about this strange way of enticing new members, and could only come up with the conclusion that it is related to the client base Love and friends attract and the fact that they say that the majority of their current members are highly educated professionals – with the inference that they are able to spend a little more on most, and they the “risk” factor involved in blindly signing up would be less given the spending power of these professionals.

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Getting started – Signing up to love and friends

If you sign up a free account you are able to send and receive 3 messages each day, but that’s about it. But once your in, you can start on your profile, it is a good idea to ponder this one and put in a little effort. Not only because you will end up with a very detailed and informative section about you , so that when potential love crosses your path they can get a good idea of what your about. When going through the process of building your Love and friends relationship profile, you get the opportunity to compete a personality profile – this is a set of around 100 questions aimed at trying to paint an accurate picture of your traits and those of the person that you are looking for, this did make for an interesting read, however seemed a little pointless in comparison with the detailed personality profiles produced by the likes of eharmony uk and parship relationship sites
The relationship site team did also think that the voice profile option was a very good idea, the basic premise is that you can record a short message and make that available on your profile- we found that being able to actually hear the voice of prospective matches was a valuable tool to use and maybe ( as we did) be able to hear attractive ( or not) qualities in the voice that you are listening to

The Hunt – searching Love and friends relationship site

One thing that we thought was worth a mention here was the facility to only search those profiles that have had their ID verified by Love and friendship, this was a super idea – and made us feel secure in the knowledge that all of the ID checked are actually who they say they are, and not a rogue. The search facility is exceptionally detailed, offering lots of choices to help you narrow down your search. Love and friends is a reasonably easy site to navigate, and they layout is clean and unconfusing.

What you get – Features

Something that we picked up was the fact that you can activate “read” receipts for any massages that you send in the same way as you can with Microsoft outlook, we found this a handy little feature for keeping track on who had and who hadn’t read our messages – giving us an idea about the initial impression that our profile was making. Another feature that helps you keep track of your messages is the conversations screen, this is an area that keep track of all messages between you and any given member and correlates them into a conversation, so that you can review everything that you have already said – helping you get back into the conversation if a few hours or days have passed.

Matchboost is another neat little feature that you can activate with a few click but will let everyone know that your ready for a chat, and that your online now. Basically you can boost your position in the Love and friendship search results temporarily, moving your profile to or near the top. This means that your profile will almost certainly bee seen b anyone searching your basic criteria and that you will much more of a chance to get that all important first message.

visit love and friends uk relationship site

Free vs Paid site

The free membership option is quite limited, you are able to upload a photo and do basic searches and send a few messages each day, however you miss all of the high end features which this site is all about- for example you don’t get the opportunity take the compatibility questionnaire and will not be able to compare the result with other users results on the love and friends relationship site so will never really have an idea of where you rank in terms of compatibility with other members

Love and Friends membership subscription costs

  • Basic membership is free and provides a limited number of free messages to send, a basic search and space for one photo.
  • Full Membership all subscription fees have to be paid in advance:
  • £16.95/month for 1 month.
  • £11.65/month for 3 months (a total of £34.95).
  • £7.99/month for 12 months (a total of £95.95).

Subscriptions are taken upon sign up however you can upgrade at anytime

  • Matchboost.
  • Friends’n’Contacts
  • Ability to View messages
  • Member Credentials.
  • Access to the Conversation screen.
  • Option to activate Read Receipts.
  • Ability to Send eCards.
  • Option to create a Favorites list.
  • Psychometric Questionnaire.
  • Feed back on your questionnaire
  • Ability to Send messages.
  • Yes-No-Maybe. Feature
Performing a search:
  • Search using free membership:
  • Orientation
  • Smokes?
  • Age
  • Location
  • Sex
  • Type of contact
  • Marital status
  • With paid membership you can also search the following:
  • Education
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Religion
Pros and Cons

 A very clear ethos and a definite feeling of “high end” online relationships
A tendency – even if not intentional – to exclude those who are maybe on low incomes

visit love and friends uk relationship site