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LoopyLove.com Dating Review

Loopy Love UK Relationship site has built up a membership of over 1.5million active UK members over the years and the relationship site team think that this maybe due to the Moorish feel of the site, the site has a heavy emphasis on fun and is designed to feel a lot less formal than most other UK Relationship sites. This approach has allowed LoopyLove to carve out its own non serious niche in the online relationship industry as they are the only site to take the whole online dating scene with a pinch of salt, and we found this approach very refreshing and making for a very easily accessible relationship platform. The laid back feel is even carried through to the pricing structure – with a 3 day full trial available for just £4.99 as a sort of try-before-you-buy offer, this shows confidence in a very capable- even if different product.

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Getting started- Building your Loopy Love profile

By now we have already learned that Loopy Love don’t take the whole relationship finding process quite as seriously than other sites and their profile builder feature offers not only a user friendly and very well guided experience but also a rather fun and light hearted take on building a relationship profile.

Loopy Love have slightly kept to true relationship site form by asking you to complete a few pre set and “expected” questions, the they guide you down a totally different route asking a few quirky questions too for example what your favourite biscuit would be and then giving you dropdown to select from. Everyone on the relationship site team agreed that this was a great way of drawing out the inner most traits of users, and giving a real insight into what makes us tick.

What you get – Features of Loopy Love UK

The most unique feature that Loopy Love have is the love bomb, and we feel very sure you wont find anything else like it on any other relationship site…..This was a good feature to help break the ice, but we found the response quite overwhelming – however it gave us a great confidence boost! The basic idea ia that once a week you are able to send a love bomb to 100 members that are selected based on the search criteria that you have set up and each member gets a notification telling them to come and have a look at your profile and get in touch if they are interested in communicating further.

There is also a my words feature which you can use to display up to 9 words that you feel relate to or describe you – again this give prospective matches a good insight into who you think you are and what you may be looking for.

You get access to both the love and photo walls, the love wall is a set of public spaces where users can either post messages and await interaction form other members or reply to the posts already on the wall, and also a photo wall that is crammed with photos of other members and when you hover over any picture – or a picture that catches you eye- you are given further profile information on that member, this makes for a really quick and simple search-based-on-looks feature, that seems to missing from nearly every other UK relationship site that we have reviewed so far- so if this sounds like a feature you would need, Loopy Love is the place to be in terms of fining a relationship in the UK.

Loopy love also offer a live video feature so that you can chat live with a prospective match, and also a recorded video profile – we though that this could be a good way of making sure that the profile picture that you have seen is still up to date!
And the last notable feature is the fun love wheel that acts as a random profile selector type wheel of fortune, it has thrown up some interesting matches when we have used I t- and was actually quiet fun to see where it would take us.

The hunt – searching On Loopy Love

We’ve already covered the search-by-looks feature, so lets look at the obligatory “normal search” searching on Loopy Love is a very simple and streamlined process. Any of the options that you have previously used for a search can be saved and re used at any time, so you don’t have to go through the whole thing every time you feel the need to peruse the database. They do not offer some of the more usual search criteria – and this we actually found quite strange- But the search all in all was a reasonably clear and effective experience

Free vs Paid site

We struggled with this category, in terms of comparing Loopy Love with the other relationship sites that we have reviewed, as they don’t offer the same black and white choices of free or fully paid. Loopy Love have the “grey” area of the 3 day trial for about a fiver.. .

For free you get pretty much a profile space and nothing else, however for just £4.99 you get FULL access to the entire sites features for 3 days , this seems to us to be the perfect solution to the commitment problem that many of us have when signing up to a new and unknown service. If you did sign up we would suggest doing so on a Friday as on the occasions that we have visited the site is always seems busier on a Friday evening another reason is that you get the full 3 days over a weekend so will get to see more people online and have more time to try the website out. A true try-before-you-buy service that we honestly feel would be of great value on any UK Relationship site – that felt confident in their own product.

Loopy Love membership subscription costs

  • Free to search the site but you will need to pay to do anything else on the site.
  • £4.99 for a fill 3 day trial – we suggest that you try this over a weekend to get full usage
  • £19.99 for 1 month (which works out at £4.62/week).
  • £29.97 for 3 month (which works out at £2.31/week).
  • £47.94 for 6 months (which works out at £1.85/week).

Subscriptions are taken upon sign up however you can upgrade at anytime

  • Surprisingly fun profile builder.
  • Instant chat ( well… type).
  • The ability to Send and recieve messages, winks and smiles.
  • The Loopylove Bomb: allowing you to mass mail up to 100 members that match you search criteria .
  • You will be sent regular Email alerts notifying you of any important events.
  • A Photo Wall, allowing you to view a sort of members gallery.
  • Online live video chat .
  • Love Wall, Allowing for posting of and replying to messages that are publicly available
  • The My Words feature, that users can use to give 9
  • Fun Love Wheel, life a wheel of fortune type of concept, picking you random profiles to interact with..
  • A who’s viewed me section, allowing you to quickly see who thought your profile was interesting.
Performing a search:
  • Good search engine allowing you to look for the following criteria:
  • Age
  • With Photos
  • Sex
  • Users Online
  • County
  • Location
  • City/Town
  • Screen Name
  • Country
Pros and Cons

Supers fun feel to the site and the Three-day trial for just  £4.99 is a stroke of genius
We thought that the search option could have been a little stronger

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