Dating for parents review 2010

Dating for Parents UK relationship sites review

Getting started – Signing up and creating your Dating for Parents relationship profile,

Dating for parents is (as the name implies) a relationship site directly aimed at singles parents in the UK, the idea is that if only single parents are allowed to join, then you will be able to find somebody with a similar situation to yourself, who understands what it is like to be single with children and also has a good idea of how difficult it could be to start a relationship when you have children.

So signing up to Dating for Parents – the first thing we noticed that was different from any other relationship site that we have reviewed, was that you can’t simply make up a username and dive right in – you have to provide actual details of your real first and second name- this is designed to add an extra layer of security to your experience – and although strange ( compared to other relationship sites) we did actually like this feature, and it has left us wondering why other sites don’t use the same simple measures to take on new members. Yes we realise that credit card details serve the same purpose- and are in fact more tangible, however having the initial shock of being asked for your real name may well put off any "undesirables"

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Dating for Parents Membership

Dating for parents is a relatively new site, with a moderate membership- however the fact that is mainly a UK site may explain this. Membership is not only limited to those of us that have our own children, if you don’t have your own children and you would like to meet somebody with children already this site is ideal for you. >

The Hunt – searching Dating for Parents UK

To start your search you need fully complete your relationship profile, this is a one page affair and does not need too much thought to fill it all out – once you have done this you can use either the full search witch covers post code, eye colour, traits and any other variable that you think you could need to find yourself the perfect partner for any future relationship.

Free V Paid

The FREE option lets you create your profile and do a basic search you must sign up for a full subscription to use the proper search facility

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