2013 Dating Reviews The top 5

Here at Dating Review UK, we like to keep things simple- and we are firm believers in being open and clear, so if there is anything that you don’t understand or feel that is unclear drop us a line!. And we are happy to write back to you, or update our information.

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eHarmony Review

dating ratingdating ratingdating ratingdating ratingdating rating #1 – E-Harmony

“The best dating site of 2010 – bosting an impressive succes rate, matching 2% or all those marrid in the US!.”

Match Affinity

dating ratingdating ratingdating ratingdating ratingdating rating#2 – Match Affinity

“A blend of the traditional chat and latest Psycometric compatibility testing creates a superb Dating site”


Match UK

dating ratingdating ratingdating ratingdating ratinghalf review #3 – Match UK

“The UK’s Largest online dating with with over 6.5 million members, and a search system that is second to none”


Dating Direct

dating ratingdating ratingdating ratingdating rating #4 – Parship Dating

“A Dating site for those serious about finding a relationship, but with lifes to hectic to fit in winks, nudges and pokes”


Friends Reunited

dating ratingdating ratingdating ratingdating rating #5 – Friends Reunited Dating

“An extremly Popular Online Dating site from the team behind Friends Reunited “


So how do we rate these sites? And how do we come up with a fair way of evaluating the services that we look at?. Our reviews are conducted from the point of view of the average user- that is to say that we don’t have special access, or a special “reviewers” pass, ( that we know are on offer!) in fact the sites that we are reviewing are not aware that the reviews are taking place.

We look at each site separately, and rate it on its own merits; we use a standard format for the process, and run through a set of checklists in the same order, for each site we are looking at.

We have a set timescale for our process so that we can get a clear view of the site, and also get to grips with the finer points that they offer in terms of user settings, and getting to know the interface. We give each service 6 months to deliver, whilst constantly taking notes of things like number of contacts , and the quality of the matches that we are sent.

To give a true reflection of the entire dating site, we start off using either the lowest or free membership option if it is available- much like many of our users. This gives us a basis to compare the website against others at the same price range- and also find out what you DON’T get when you take a free membership. We generally upgrade after 4 weeks to the highest possible package, to experience the full potential of each website.

We have 4 standard, fictional dating profiles, two male and two female, and always use the same set of traits, likes, dislikes and pictures for each new profile that we make.

In addition to the profiles that we build, we have also made a very detailed list of requirements for each profile, in terms of what their ideal partner would be like, this allows us to measure how successful each site that we test is, as we can measure how close to the ideal partner, the system in question actually delivers.

We are always looking for user input, and we take any views shared by our readers seriously enough to investigate it for ourselves and if appropriate report our findings back on the Dating Forum, or Dating Blog