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Online scams are big business, with a recent MBC report siting online dating scams as the area of the internet that the average net user is most likely to bump into a scams artist we decided to look at this a little deeper, and try to identify the main trends of online scams, and give you a list of what we feel are tell tale signs of a potential scams attempt.

Without putting too much of a fine point on it- if it seems too good to be true , it probably is.

Who runs these scams?

Well it seems that it is invariably men from 3rd world or developing countries, one Panarama report showed an entire “factory” in Lagos dedicated to providing internet and computer access to those who want to make a quick couple of quid.

Why and how do they do this?

Greed-The overwhelming reason for this type of deception is to try to get money out of unsuspecting, and sometimes vulnerable singles, who are looking for love. The chief modus operandi is to start a relationship online, showing the “mark” with gifts and other small shows of affection, and then leading to a possible meeting – however at the very last moment something will go wrong, meaning that they will need £xxx or even £xxxx to continue with the planned meeting, and they often ask that their “marks” use Western union money transfer to help them out.

what can you do?

You can read our top ten list of signs of a  scam and make sure that you are vigilant about the situations that your getting into.

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