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Who better to advise on being safe on a date than a real life dating coach? we have been lucky enough to speak to Loxie Gant Dating coach, writer and founder of  the San Diego Dating Guru website, who was clear that online dating is not a method that she would endorse as a way to meet a potential parter, but shared these great safety tips.

Guest Advice by  Loxie Gant,

Pick a public meeting space, and meet there. Even if you’ve been emailing and chatting and feel like you know them, you should never give them your home address or put yourself in a car with them.

Do a little background checking. Use the power of the google to your advantage and make sure they are who they say they are. No need to go overboard, just make sure that you aren’t getting manipulated.

Steer clear of alcohol. Or at least have a one drink limit. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation that you can’t handle.

Trust your gut. If there is something about your interactions thus far that has in any way led you to feel uncomfortable, don’t go! Trust your gut instinct that the person might not be safe.

Let someone know. Shoot an email or text to your best friend, coworker, sister, etc., let them know where your going, who with, and then a safe text when you are home safely.’

Why not check out Loxie’s site for more great advice and possible to get a coaching session?Dating guru

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