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We have just about finished our beand new online dating advice book, and have decided to share a few of the main points of the advice book on the Blog for easy access- however if you want a full copy it is FREE and can either be found in your membership email when you joing our blog, or can be downloaded directly on this page Dating advice e book


Online Dating is fast becoming one of the most subscribed services on the web, and with little wonder.

Over the last 3 years it has become much more socially acceptable to chat away to work colleges, friends and family about your online dating experiences, than it was as recently as 2009, and with this new acceptance has come a rush of activity.

Did you know that at ANY one time, 26MILLION people are online looking for love?

The internet has responded with a huge selection of dating sites and services to choose from, and just as many ways to use them- ranging from the simple join and hope models, that rely on you searching a database of pictures through to psychologically tested and algorithmically matched relationship services.

One thing to remember is that whilst these services defiantly work (or they would have gone bust long ago) they do rely heavily on YOUR input, so getting it right from day one will greatly increase your chances of finding your soul-mate.

Once you have gotten over this first hurdle and actually decided on and joined a site, you are faced with the task of designing a truthful, yet interesting and captivating personality profile and choosing a suitable photo to add to it.

Now, knowing that not everyone is totally comfortable with putting together what is basically a self promoting sales pitch, we have put together a guide that is based on our own experiences whilst working on several online dating projects, and creating over 650 successful dating profiles.

This information is well founded in fact, and is designed to give you food for thought when you are entering the online dating jungle, and maybe give you a nudge in the right direction.

This is not an exhaustive guide, and is intended to get you started, however we are more than happy for you to drop us a line with any specific, queries or help that you need and we will get one of our dating experts to see if we can help with your query.”

Want to read more? take a look at the folowing exerpts from the book.

Setting Goals

Choosing the Right site for YOU

Building your profile

Common online dating mistakes

Choosing the best picture

Taking the next steps

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