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It can have escaped your notice that the dating site have launched a new advertising campaign aimed at the UK singles market, so lets take a look at what the new adverts are all about and what they are saying about the dating site and the types of relationships that they are looking to encourage on the service with the new approach.

The new campaign is called  ‘Ukulele’ and if focuses in on the moment a boy meets a gris, calling this the ‘match moment’.  It is looking to  build on the success of’s ‘Piano’ advert series of last year.

The series of ads are set at a train station, it shows a boy with a ukulele who spots a girl on the opposite platform and starts to sing an improvised song about her and where she might be going.  A train pulls up at the girl’s platform and when it departs, the boy sees the platform is empty.  His song turns sad, only for him to discover she is now sitting beside him.  Viewers are then told they can start their only love story by visiting the website.

The lyrics of the new adverts

Lyrics from the ad
The girl on the platform smiled,
The boy thought that’s the best smile he’s seen for a while.
She must have been about 26…28? 28.
And her skin looked really really really great.
She was a natural blonde.
She wasn’t a natural blonde but that’s what made him fond of her.
She was off to …Hull?…Leeds? Wigan?
Off to Wigan, the home of pies, with her beautiful beguiling eyes.
And she looked at the boy with the fancy pants words and
She began to dance
She began to dance oh, she began to dance.
The girl on the platform smiled,
The boy thought that was the best smile he’s seen for a while.

Here is a copy of the advert – or you can read our full review if you have already seen the new commercial.

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