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Match Affinity UK Membership subscriptions 2010

How much does Match Affinity cost -?

With lots of our readers asking what the latest prices for match affinity membership subscription is, we have decided to dedicate page to keeping this information up to date. It is ns secret that the majority of the top online dating sites prefer to -well keep prices secret. They do not openly offer a full prices list for each package before you actually sign up and complete a high percentage of your online matching profile. We supposes the reason for this is that most users would feel a bit more bedded down after a few days of use, and then may be more inclined to part with money....

Below you will find the latest information on how much match affinity charge for their 12, 6, 3 and 1 month membership subscription costs

match affinity subscription table

Matchaffininty prices 2010

whats the best subscription package?

It is plain to see that the best package in terms of value is the 12 month option, however this IS a long commitment, and with most of the top site claiming that they will find you love in 6months for less, is there any real need to sign up for that long?- We don’t think so!

We strongly suggest - like most sites that we have reviewed-that you take your time, sure if money is no object, and you’re not concerned about not using the site for the full 12 months then the cheapest over all is the longest subscription period, but that to us seems to be a bit of a flawed logic!

To give yourself and the site a real chance we feel that the best period is the 6 month option, not only do you get a reasonable 51% discount compared to paying each month as a one off but you also get the time to become used to the features and build relationships over time with anyone that you identify as a potential match.

We don’t believe that it is reasonable to expect that you can sign up for just 1 month can not only find a potential partner- but also be able to communicate enough to make an informed decision on how well suited your are