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A popular online dating website with 7 million UK members ( featured on the BBC 1 consumer programme Watchdog yesterday after complaints from viewers that they were unable to close their accounts, or that they had been charged after they thought that they had cancelled their membership.cancel

The best way to close your account is to call the head office of on 08003685856 and ask for a confirmation email to be sent through to you.

The program features 3 ex users  who all reported problems shutting their accounts.

Gary- who joined during a free trial and had £77 taken from his account when he checked his bank.

Gemma- Who had found a partner and pressed suspend, only to find a payment taken the following January

Jo- Whosearched for a way to cancel her account for an hour on the site, before finding and folowing the correct cancellation method, only to find that she was STILL charged, the program states that refunded Jo and said “the majority of people are able to follow the correct procedure, and can cancel online”

However upon checking, the Watchdog team noticed at least 5 differences wit the cancellation procedure after they had approached, so maybe this is the end of the issue?

why not let us know how you dot on with cancelling below

Here is a transcript/ectract from the watchdog programme

Gemma Chapman told Watchdog:

“Well, I signed up to for a bit longer than that. I actually joined for six months thinking that I’d get six months free for my just under 78 pounds. And away I went and had quite a few dates – some were great and some were not so good. Until I met my partner. We really were a match and I clicked back onto to suspend my account.”

So there we have it. Gareth had a short sweet cheap fling with and Gemma had a longer more fruitful relationship. Both had moved on. Or so they thought.

Gareth discovered:

“It came to the end of the month and I decided to check my bank account and it turned out that had taken 77 pounds for the six months subscription.”

And Gemma told us:

“So after suspending my account I didn’t think anything else of it for a couple of months until January when I received a rather unfortunate 77 pounds on my bill from”
So, what’s going wrong? Well, scores of subscribers who’ve contacted Watchdog are in the same position as Gemma and Gareth. They think they’ve cancelled their subscription but say they’ve failed to follow the correct procedure.

Gareth says:

“I sent an email to explain that I felt that their cancellation procedure was entirely misleading and the website didn’t make it clear as to what you’re supposed to do. They replied to say they don’t intentionally seek to mislead customers, but they felt sorry if I felt otherwise”

Try to avoid misleading customers? Well not quite hard enough. Because we’ve found a number of ways could make this process a whole lot clearer. For a start there’s no ‘cancellation’ button. There is a ‘suspend’ button so, understandably, some people press it thinking their payments will then stop. But they’re wrong. It’s only after pressing it that a warning appears, saying they’ll continue to be charged. For those who notice that warning before closing down the page, there’s no explanation of how to stop your payments. And when send the email confirming the suspension, they don’t mention they’ll continue taking money from you.

All this even confuses internet whizz from the BBC News’ ‘Click’, Spencer Kelly. He told Watchdog:

“It’s not difficult to suspend your account, there’s a really big shiny button that says suspend your account. But they should have told you before you press that button that your payments will continue – otherwise it’s a real hassle to go back in set your account back up and then click through to where you’re supposedly going to find the option to switch your payments off.” say there’s an easy way to stop payments…by calling this number. But it’s buried away elsewhere on the site. And members aren’t advised to call it if they want to cancel. Of course, some people do manage to navigate the website successfully – and find how to cancel their payments online. So, is that them finished with for good?
Well, it wasn’t the case for Jo Perry from Hinckley. Jo told Watchdog:

“In March 2010 I decided to cancel my membership with so I logged into my account on the website and looked for about an hour to try and find where I needed to go to cancel the subscription. I looked for a telephone number which wasn’t available. Eventually after an hour of being really frustrated I managed to find somewhere I could cancel my membership. And then six months later I noticed some more money had been taken out of my account by”

Oh dear, I know this must be difficult for you, but you must understand. You have to let us go. We’ve moved on….


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