Sued for Fake Profiles

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Imagine walking past a bar that is advertising a singles night, looking through the window and seeing the place packed to the roof with good looking singles who are just your type- a couple of them wink, and wave at you.

So you pay to get in, and take off your coat only to find that they are either staff of the bar or holograms, and the few genuine singles inside have fallen for the same illusion that you have –  would you feel duped?

This is the situation facing millions of singles who have signed up to popular online dating site Match. COM, if reports of them being sued are to be believed the site has been creating and maintaining fake profiles, or at the least leaving profiles of users who have left, or have not used the service in months on show to give the impression of a busy dating site.

In the past match. COM have been very vocal on the subject of misleading customers, having made complaints against several Dating sites about the way they advertise their service and stating that some commercials have been misleading, ( stopping just short of calling them fake ).

This has naturally led to much more scrutiny of the services that match. COM offer by looking at what they claim to offer, and a class action has been filed in the US by a group of disgruntled singles.

The main points of the Class Action are:

  • Match. COM leave “dead” accounts in the database to boost subscriber counts
  • That there are many fake profiles, using images of people from other dating sites /Celebes (but  IMHO this could be done by anyone?).
  • Claims that accounts due to expire are sent “contacts” so they have to renew to reply.

All of this seems very sneaky, and sets a very sad precedent if true – we will keep you posted on events.

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