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Matchffinity are offering free compatibility tests and complete profile reports

The site is designed to provide a more scientific approach to finding love online, for singles who prefer to have the service of having compatible matches found and then being notified which profiles most closely match what they are looking for.

Free compatibility Test

The compatibility tests on offer are designed by psychologists and relationship experts, and aim to look a little deeper at what traits the user has and what impact that those traits would have on their compatibility with a potential partner. The actual personality test consists of 50+ questions that are generally multiple choice, however this does not mean that you can switch off your mind, we strongly suggest that if you do take the free test that you make sure that you have some free time, the  test took us around 45 minutes to complete- we could have done this within 12 minutes to be fair, but we think that being as honest as possible and taking your time with your responses will give you a much more accurate result when you have finished and are given you personality report.

Match affinity- the brand new relationship site form Has ramped up the on the advertising push in the UK, not only are we seeing email notifications from affinity, but we have noticed a massive TV ads campaign popping up between prime time shows.

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