Love Compared

LOVE Compared

online dating comparision tool: Our brand new automated tool is designed to help singles to find love on the internet.

No subscription requred, simply add who you are and what you are looking for , and the Love Compared tool will automaticcaly match you with the best online dating site for you, and will also direct you to any current offers that the site has, ensuring the cheapest deal- if not totall FREE membership!

Finding the best online dating site can be a difficult task and having the ability to compare online dating sites is fast becoming a requirement for todays singles who are looking for love on the internet

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Online matchmaking is a fierce market, and singles are finding it more and more difficult to decide on which site will offer them the best chance to actually find love without having to think too much about the site that they decide to use. We have decided that by calculating which of the top online dating sites is the best for each person based on the information that they provide, and cross referncing this against the sites that we have alread compared, we are able to help users on the path to a sucessful online dating expeience.

With so many dating sites to choose from singels are undertandably confused about what they need to look for in a love website and by the time they have compared all of the options available are less forussed on finding love, and fare to involved in the nuts and bolts of the various options available.

How the love compared tool works

We we are sure that most of you wont care, but for those of you that do want to know how this tool works, here is a quick overfiew.

Over the last 4 years we have completed over 160 online dating reviews, and w although we always share our findings with those looking to use the services that we have compared, we decisded that in an effort to tro to make thing a little easier to get your head around that there had to be a better way to get people to the point where they are using the service that most suites them.

So after 6 months of collating our results and designing a unique algorythm, that takes the trends the we have found and turns those into what we call “love predictions” using our Love Compared tool we are able to accurately predict which site is best for each of our users by asking some very basic questions.

This prediction is based on, not only our results but also those that regular users have reported back. And we feel offer a much more user friendly way to go about chosing an online dating site.

We have provided the Love Compared tool on a free basis, and we don’t even need you to regisetr to use it so we hope that you will give it a try and report back to the forum or blog to let us know how it worked out for you so that we can keep the algorythm up to date , and amend the database that we have based to reccomenations on reflectting real life results.

We hope you enjoy using the tool, and find what you are looking for.

The dating review Team..