Ethnic Cleansing comes to Online Dating

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We thought that we had  already seen the worst the web has to offer in online dating until we stumbled on what looks like a soon-to-be-launched Klu Klux Klan online dating site!

Klu Klux Clan Dating website


Yestarday when checking through new website submissions for dating related sites to review, we saw that KKKDATING.COM had been registered and a holding page submitted, it seems as though the site is due to be launched in December this year, but other than the the site itself does not offer much in the way of information so we decided to look a little further…


checking the domain registration details we found that the owner (A Pearson) had several other dating sites, and that one of them gave contact details so we decided to get in touch and ask a few questions about the site.

What the site is about

We were intreagued ast to what the site was about so asked tho owner, Anthony ( as we now know him), who said that the site was devised as an answer to all the other sites that promote mixing, and that their was a need for a site that would help to maintain the purity of the nation, we decided to beg to differ on the need for such a site, however drafted an interview with him scheduled for tomorrow to find out what led to this crazy notion!


We (online totally oppose this type of site, and do not support the notion that people should be segregated depending on race, creed, religion or sexuality.

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