is match affinity any good

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We know that the main question that is on the lips of people wanting to know about the service is ” is match affinity any good?” so lets take a look at what we found.

match affinit tries to take the Good points of eharmony and and put them into one package, in that the dating site offers a great search facility and also a large membership but in addition has incorporated compatibility matching into the mix too.

So how does it work? well basically singles sign can have a free match affinity account and build a personality profile, whilst doing this you will be completing a set of questions that are designed to find out who you are and what you are looking for, once you have completed your profile you are free to search the site for eligible singles.

Now what sets match affinity apart from  and is that the service then uses a patented algorithm ( bit of software) to trawl through all the other members and match you up with those that are most liekly to meet up to what you are looking for, now this is good because it allows you to concentrate on normal life and looking for love.

What is any good about match affinity is that you dont even have to be logged in for your matches to be delivered, as singles are sent any matches by email each day.

Good The vary good affinity test that is a useful tool to finding love, and also quite a fun way to fill in a profile.
Bad The rules around photos, as free member you cant see any profile pictures ( but we found that this level of privacy was a welcome change ) .



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