In an Online Dating World of Losers—Stand out and be a Winner!

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We have been lucky enough to get some great online dating advice fromSharon Rosenblatt, who runs an interesting BLOG called Sharon and Caring

Writing a Good Dating profile

I’m not a relationship or dating expert since I don’t think they can certify you in these matters from colleges. However, when it comes to the latter, I have years of experience. I’ve tried sites from JDate to OKCupid and am now happily(?) residing on I have gone on so many first dates for coffee and dinner these past few months that I could probably cater a session of Congress with my leftovers. While people might scoff that I am still single, I maintain that I am successful because I have achieved the crucial part of online dating: Getting Noticed. I’ve been a subscriber since October 26, 2010 and as of January 20, 2011, my profile has been viewed 1333 times.

In a world of profile overflows, the only way you can remain competitive is if he or she sees your profile and keeps reading. It’s not so different from applying for a job. You could have stellar references and amazing skills, but if your résumé doesn’t pop, enjoy unemployment. Here are a few of my suggestions that have specifically been picked up on by guys in their messages to me about my profile.

  1. The Picture: Don’t pick a glamour shot because when you meet in public, they’ll get disappointed. Girls: don’t make kissy faces because you’ll look like an overweight fish. Guys: no pictures of you holding a baby. Unless it’s your own kid, it’s creepy. Pictures that always work: dogs. Girls are suckers for puppies and guys think it means girls aren’t high maintenance.
  2. The headline: The shorter and funnier, the better. Pick a quote from your favorite TV show because if a member identifies with it and laughs, you’ve already garnered interest to read further. The ones that turn people off are sickeningly sweet ones. I’ve had guys message me with the following headlines:

Hi, I’m Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me?

Everything in life happens for a reason… Let’s figure out what that reason is!

Seeking his leading lady for the role of a lifetime.

They didn’t get messages back.

  1. Body type: Don’t lie. If you’re overweight, you’re not ‘about average’, no matter what the trends in American physique are.
  2. The “About Me” section: This is the most difficult. It is the real ‘meat’ of your profile. It’s where you hook your fish and hopefully lure them in. I don’t say I’m ‘honest and a good listener” because everyone says that. They’ll figure that stuff out on the first date when I don’t steal their wallet or check my text messages. Don’t say you ‘don’t know what to put here’. You’re advertising yourself like an Amazon product, of course you’re awkward. You have to keep your profile unique and funny. This is my opener “Considering I’m a short person, a short description shouldn’t be too difficult to do. I’m not legally a midget or anything but I’m definitely one of those girls that the phrase “I’m not short, I’m fun sized” was coined for.” It describes me completely but not in a trite way. If they are looking for someone with a sense of humor, I believe nothing demonstrates that faster than someone who can laugh at themselves.

Don’t inflate yourself either. You can say you’ve run marathons but don’t post your times in the profile. It’s intimidating and a huge turn-off. I brag about the fact I’m on a quest to drink new beers. If someone can personally relate to something you think is cool, then you’ve already got them hooked.

This is the most important. Everyone looking for someone who has varying interests with flexibility. Don’t say that you can stay in for a movie on the couch and also be able to dress up and go out to the opera. Seriously, everyone can do that. It’s called being human. Only put it in your profile if you can’t. People are tired of reading how good you can look in sweatpants and also formal wear.

Overall, take advice from Singin’ in the Rain and “make ‘em laugh”. That’s my best advice for the profile. Now, if I could only get over my fear of commitment.

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