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The UK’s most Popular online dating site MATCH.COM seem to have noted the recent trend for area specific dating, in realiseing that not many singles  want to travel a thousands miles for a date (or if they do they could use a Transatlantic service like and responded with, a seperate dating service that is specifically aimed at those who live in Ireland ( and no they havent just added a shamrock to the top of the site) Irish

The Irish version of Match seems like a fully fledged service for our neighboours over in Ireland and as we are always interested in looking at new services we will be doing a full reviews of what the site offers and how well the service performs over the next few weeks with a view to posting our review results on the site as soon as we have finished.

Before we do that we thought that we would give you the lowdown on the publicly available information and ask that if any of you have tried the site that you drop us a line telling us what you liked about the service and also what you think could have been improved upon and we will add your feedback to our final evaluation page so that others thinking of using the Irish service can get a true representation of what they can expect. Pricing

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