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Heartbroker.com is a brand new online dating service with a twist, and our initial impression is that it will go down a storm! Keep your eyes peeled for a Heartbroker review in the coming weeks when we testdrive the site and – as ever- deliver a detailed and unbiased report of our findings! Heart broker .com

The service on offer is a welcome break form the norm, that promises to break the mould of the traditional Dating sites that focus on the singular experiences of those using the site by offering the chance for your mates, family and even work colleagues to get involved in your dating selection process.

The premise is that you are able to turn to those that you trust and ask them to rate how compatible you are with a potential partner, and to answer questions and rate your personality traits to see how well you may match with others on the site.

Now whilst entrusting your mates to find you love may sound daunting at first, given that you still have control of what ultimately happens will mean that you wont be pared off with someone who it totally unsuitable – but that “jenny” the mischievous friend from the office thought might raise a laugh.

We have been lucky enough to have the chance to speak to Craig Robinson, the co-founder of the site and ask him for his take on some of the most common online dating questions that we are asked.

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About Craig:

Craig Robinson is CEO of Heartbroker, an online dating site and Facebook application that uses feedback from trusted friends to help people build their online dating profiles. By incorporating social relationships, Heartbroker builds a level of trust and objectivity that does not exist at other sites.

Web: http://www.heartbroker.com/

Facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/heartbroker/

Twitter: @heartbroker

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