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As we have posted beofre “there is no such thing as a voucher for the eharmony site”,  but that said there are still a few ways that you can get a ( somtimes as large as 75% ) discount on the standard membership subscription costs.

When we did our eharmony review  , we started off with a free membership sibscription and we stuck with this for 3 weeks whilst we tested out what online singles actually get for free.

Now, whilst we had the full intention of paying for one of the memberhsips so that we could evealuate the paid versions, we hadn’t banked on the fact that the eharmony team would get in touch with is directly offering a reduction.

I know what your think, they knew we were “mystery shopping” them and they decided to send us a sweetener…thats what we thought too. but how had they found out? we never announce that we are conducting a review, hell I didnt think for a second that we would even be noticed, but to be sure… we decided to start off a brand new account and let that run to see what heppened..

And 3 weeks form the date we created the account, we get an email offering us a 10% reduction… nice, but not great. But then every 3-4 days after this we were sent another- even better discount, culminating in a whopping 75% off! Result!

Why not read our review of eharmony, and see if the site is for you , and then try out our ” 3 weeks to discount” method?

Please remember to drop us a line bact to let us know how it panned out for you on our DATING FORUM

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