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Whilst looking at the services offered by the main online dating sites we noticed that there were a lot of references on the internet offering anything from a years free subscription to 90% reductions…

Well to clear this up once and for all, there are no such ” vouchers ” or seceret ” codes ” for eharmony that will get you a discount on your membership- how do we know this?? well every site that we checked out had a post stating that the  offer had just expired- but more to the point there is nowhere to insert a cade on the eharmony website!!

We do know of several way to get a discount on eharmony and we will  go into them in some detail on our Tips page on our forum. but in short

1) Join the site during one of the  eharmony free weekend offers.

2) Sign up to eharmony and complete the compatibility test  and DONT pay a membership subscription for 3weeks….. you will then be sent several promts jo “upgrade ” at a discountted price
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