eharmony UK Valentines Promotion

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This one nearly slipped past us!

Eharmony are having a Massive Valentines promotion..RIGHT NOW!

eharmony uk

eHarmony UK are having thir biggest ever Free Communication Promotion event in which new users can sign up and are able to communicate for matches without paing an eharmony subscription. The eHarmony Free Communication event is usually only ever held over a weekend, or a long weekend if there iis a bank holiday, however this time round theay are giving away a full two weeks

So from the 1st of February through to the 15ths of Feb you can get in on the action without cost, and given that it is such a long period, you may well find that you have a better chance of actually connecting with somone that takes your interest, as the emails wont be cust off after 48hrs!

Why not take a look at our latest eharmony UK Reviews to have a sneak peak at what you can expect from the dating and relationship service.

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