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Eharmony UK Membership subscriptions 2010

How much does eharmony cost?,

The current subscription costs for eHarmony membership in the UK site are pretty much the same as they were when we first did our eHarmony review in 2009; however we find that our users are keen to keep up to date with the latest prices for a 3 month, 6 month or even 12 month membership. So we have dedicated a page to keeping on top of any changes to the amount that they charge for each of their membership options..

Below you will find the latest information on how much they charge and what you get for the price.

eharmony subscription table

Eharmony prices

whats the best eharmony package?

eHarmony UK allow you to sign up to their UK dating site for free however they do not easily give away details of how much it will set you back to actually buy a permanent subscription before you actually give away your email address and complete you personal profile.

We strongly suggest that you sign up on a free basis before parting with a 12 months eHarmony subscription, whilst most users will find that the site IS for them, you may be one of the ones that doesn’t! So if you do sign up on a free basis you will be able to make a better judgment call as to how much you like the site and how well you think that it will perform for you.

Looking at the table above, it is obvious that the best eHarmony subscription package is the 12 month sign up, not only do you get a MASSIVE discount but you are also given the choice as to how you want to pay- meaning that if you chose to pay 3 payments at £39.80- and after the second month you don’t like the site you have benefited from the cheapest option, whilst being able to cancel you membership and saving a few quid!