eHarmony Secure Call – Review

Well eharmony have done it again, they have dared to venture across the traditional online dating lines in the sand, and have launched a new feature that other sites dont (yet) offer the Secure Call.


eHarmony Secure Call:

So what is the eHarmony Secure Call?, well the name gives it away- its a way for eHarmony users to be able to communicate over the Phone in a secure and controlled manner. Lets take a bit of a deeper look at what’s on offer. The Secure Call option lets subscribers go a little further than the guided communication, and speak to their matches using their own phones, their is no need for any specialist equipment and its just like any other call.


Hmm.. you say so whats great about that? i call people all day, and dont need help to do it! well that’s where the Secure bit comes in, to speak over the phone without using this feature ONE of you will have to share your own number with the other- and once this is done, you have no way of “un-sharing”…. whilst eHarmony pride themselves on their member screening process, and the fact that the vast majority of their members are “normal”, there is no accounting for the Human condition, and having someone that you have never met with your phone number is not a great idea.

eHarmony have taken out the risk of this by securely connecting you to each other without you having to share your number.

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Here is the eharmony Secure call Blurb


Secure Call Benefits

You can talk to your matches on the phone without you or you match’s phone either of you revealing your phone numbers!

You maintain complete control over who can and who cannot call you from your matches, and you can block any match at any time.

Secure Call announces the name of the caller before you accept each call.

You can use your mobile phone, home phone or work phone at any time—whichever is most convenient for you and your lifestyle.

Talk to your matches with no long distance charges.**

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