eharmony offer a daily digest!

One of the main gripes that we have seen from users of the eharmony service is that they are sent too many matches! – well we take that to mean to many separate emails, as generally the more choice you have the better, right?

Anyhow, eharmony seem to have picked up on this too and have actually done something about it.

When we conducted our eharmony review we did get a little inundated with emails of matches – each day we would turn up to the office to find up to 9 emails from the dating service, each with details of a different online singles that we were deemed to be compatible with.

Now to be fair, we would much rather have too many emails than none at all ( after-all, the provision of profiles indicates that your desirable!! ) but having the time to open and read each one was a little too much to ask at 8am!

The solution? the eharmony daily digest . this is one single email notification giving you brief details of all of the other users that the compatibility matching system has identified as being compatible matches with you, based on the information that you provided in your initial compatibility test.

Having the ability to scan one email rather than trawl through 9 is a great bonus, and means that we can quickly discount “unsuitable” singles and concentrate on those that we fee more likely to gel with..

All in all , another great move from eharmony.
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