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Name-eHarmony ltd
Company type- Limited Company
Operating area- UK, US, CANADA and AUSTRALIA

eHarmony online dating was officially established in 2000 by Greg Forgatch and Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D, author of several books on dating, love, marriage and relationships. The website was initially launched in the United States, and is based in Pasedina Calafornia, however now offers its services to singles in several countries including the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.
The online relationship site as it is today was a natural progression from the original project that was more of a research tool looking at what makes for a successful relationship. One of the highpoints of the original website was an online survey or married couples in which they would then receive a profile from a team of psychologists let by Ph.D. psychologists, led by Dr. Warren, along with Dr. Tony Karrer and TechEmpower.
The results of this research, along with Dr Warrens 35 years experience in dealing with relationships and the psychology behind them, led to the team developing the site that we see today, with the thinking that a successful relationship can be characterised by a set of specific traits, and that certain characteristics can predict compatibility, and lead to more satisfying relationships and that through identifying these traits and brining likeminded singles together, the site is able to help singles to find a lasting partner.
After three years of further research, and working in collaboration with Dr. Galen Buckwalter, Warren developed a model of compatibility that is now the basis of the company’s matching system

The dating services main drive is the belief that compatibility is at the core of a healthy relationship and that the research that they have conducted and the results that they see with their members is testament to the effectiveness of the compatibility matching approach.

The service as a whole have 20 million Members, and as of a servey in 2008 around 15,000 singles take the famous questionnaire each day. After finding a match on eHarmony, Harris Interactive states that an average of 236 ex members in the U.S. marry every day

In 2004, eHarmony’s research director, Dr. Steve Carter presented a paper at the 16th Annual American Psychological Society (APS) meeting. In the paper presented, Carter compared eHarmony couples married for more than five years with a control group, using the Dyadic Adjustment Scale(DAS), a measure of couple satisfaction. His results showed that “over 90% of eHarmony couples had marriage quality scores which were above average when compared to couples who had begun their relationships elsewhere. eHarmony couples were more than twice as likely to be in highly successful marriages than non-eHarmony couples. Not only are eHarmony couples 35% more likely than other married couples to report that they enjoy spending time together, but we found they are nearly twice as likely to report that their marriages are “extremely happy” or better versus other recently married couples.

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