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Eharmony 2011 Discount offer

Get three months for the price of two during January 2011- all the way through to Valentines day 2011 with this great discount

We have just been tipped off that the relationship site will be having a month long promotion in January that lets users have three months for the discount price of Just two.

The site has been in our top 3 dating sites for the last two years and came up in first place twice in 2009 and 2010, read our eharmony reviews for more detail around why the site scored so well in our tests.

To take up the eharmony january discount offer you simply have to enter this code on the site – do this now HERE

Yes we know its christmas day, and we hope that you are having a super day so far ( and yes we do have better things to do, but decided this discount offer was something worth sharing)

Historically this is bay far the best time of year to think about using online dating and relationship service, not only because most of the to dating sites offer massive discounts and promotions between January and march each year, but also because you are more likely to actually find love at this time of year.

With millions of singles making new years resolutions that involve getting back into the dating scene, sites see a massive influx of new users giving you guys a much wider pool of potential partners to chose from.

Usually the price of a one month eharmony membership is £34.95 however during the period of the discount it will cost less than £60 for three months! you can get a full price list for eharmony subscriptions ( without the discount)  at our eharmony price list page

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