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With the arrival of the new match affinity online dating service, we have decided to take a look at what makes the site different from the original (match.com and try to work out why the site was created.

“in short- match affinity offer a relationship service, they find you a partner, based on the answers that you have given to a psychometric test.”

matchaffinity score

“Match.com offer you the chance to search a massive database of other online singles, and then use their excellent search features to track down your perfect partner”

Match affinity V Match.com

We have looked at both of these sites in great detail in our match.com review and our match affinity review, and we can honestly say the these two sites are different, not only in terms of appearance but also in ethos and the types of singles that they attract.

User Types:

Match.com: They typical user that seems to like this site are between 25-40 with modreate incomes, and reasonable social skills. This usergroup has the time to use the excellent search features of match and look for a potential partner.

Match affinity: This site seems to attract those that are looking for a more serious relationship, they are generally 35+ with good jobs, however they do not have the luxury of spare time to dedicate to searching through thousands of profiles- preferring to pay for that as part of a service.


Match.com is the cheaper of the two sites, with the 1 month membership costing £22.80* as opposed to the matchaffintiy membership cost of £39.00.


In terms of service, the match.com site does offer very good search options and literally millions of other online singles to choose from, and also a  find love guarantee that means you can get 6months for free if you dont manage to find love in your first 6 months.

Matchaffinity, on the other hand offer a true matching service,  in terms of actively searching their database of users with the aim of looking for the user that is the most compatible with you, based on the answers that you give in your psychometric tests..
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