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Online Dating advice Profile help

We have just about finished our brand new online dating advice book, and have decided to share a few of the main points of the advice book on the Blog for easy access- however if you want a full copy it is FREE and can either be found in your membership email when you joing our blog, or can be downloaded directly on this page Dating advice e book


Now I can see this being a VERY long, but VERY worthwhile section- so go and grab a cup of tea/coffee or whatever you think you may need over the course of the next 20 minutes, and a pen and a piece of paper and head back and relax…

First of all, you need to give yourself some time ( We know that you want to get right in their and start searching, and we know we keep telling you to take your time, but rushing this stage WILL set you back,)

If you are serious about meeting someone special online, you need your profile to say exactly what you want it to say. Think about the type of person you are looking to attract before you start writing and uploading pictures.

Make a list of the qualities you’re seeking in a person (do you want them to get your sense of humour? Do you want someone more serious & reserved? Is your dog or cat important to you, and should it be to them?)

No we mean it- get your pen and paper and list the 5 most important qualities that you are looking for.. and come back once you’ve done it.

Now that you have a list of the type of person you want to attract, you need to keep those qualities in mind when you’re writing. If you want someone with a quirky sense of humour because YOU have a quirky sense of humour, bring that out in your profile by SHOWING that you have a quirky sense of humour. Don’t just say “I have a quirky sense of humour and want someone similar”. Show it by writing something funny & quirky about yourself. Showing off your qualities is better than telling people that you have them!

Your “about me” should be INTERESTING. If you need to see what’s NOT interesting, go read 99% of the profiles out there. Men always say the same few things: “I’m really laid back”, “I love having fun with my friends”, or “family” is important to me”, women tend to write about “long walks” or their love of “football” thinking that these will make them more attractive.

Let’s get unique, guys! We read those things on everyone else’s profile – so if you want someone who will settle for generic, then that’s fine.

But if you want someone who really complements you as a person, you need to show him or her what type of person you are in your profile! Do you have any strange or different interests? Tell the world about them!

(Hint: watching football does not count! Women know men do this, but now’s not the time to talk about your football obsession.)

When you get to the “What I’m looking for” section, there are a few things you should try to avoid: First, every guy says “I want someone who’s just as comfortable in a cocktail dress as she is in sweatpants”. Boring!

These same people also say they want someone who is spontaneous. What does this really mean? Do you want someone who doesn’t need to plan every last detail of a trip, or do you literally want someone who will call you at noon on Tuesday and ask you to fly to Argentina with them? These are very different things, right?

Be specific with your statements as opposed to leaving things too loose, but don’t get into things like “I want someone who is 5’4″ and weighs 9 stone 2lbs, as being this specific might just narrow your playing field 99% from day 1.

Stating that they must be “blond and athletic…” – women find this a turn off. Remember, you don’t have to respond to everyone who reads your profile and writes you – so you can screen out people you don’t find attractive physically. No need to dwell too much on that.

Now, proofread your profile. Imagine you are the partner of your dreams and think about how THEY would interpret what you say. Think about if you will attract THAT person, because that is the goal, right?

What is the general tone? Make sure you don’t come off in a way that is completely counter to who you actually are. You want to be honest. There’s no point in wasting your own time, or theirs.

Before you post your profile, try to find a friend to read it over – someone who will be painfully honest with you. At the very least, do a spell check on

it – show that you put a little effort into this. That shows that you actually are serious about meeting someone special – not just a “flavour of the week”.

Spelling mistakes on a dating profile can deter people like the plague- and make you seem as though, either your not that bothered, or your not partner material. Bad spelling gives the impression that you are careless and sloppy- not a great first impression.

To hammer home that fact- we did consider slipping in a typo, but Astral, our copywriter said don’t bother, if you do it BEFRE the explanation you will loose the reader before they realise that it was intentional.

Would you have got this far if we had Daiting in the title?.

Point made.

Want to read more? take a look at the folowing exerpts from the book.


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