Dating Advice Common Mistakes

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Online Dating advice Common Mistakes

We have just about finished our brand new online dating advice book, and have decided to share a few of the main points of the advice book on the Blog for easy access- however if you want a full copy it is FREE and can either be found in your membership email when you joing our blog, or can be downloaded directly on this page Dating advice e book


When we have been asked to look over the dating profiles of some our readers we have found several common mistakes that seem to follow through, so although we are sure that you wouldn’t make these mistakes, we think it a good idea to skim over them- just in case….

Too Much Information

Many people seem to think that they have to put a little bit of everything, in terms of their interests and the activities that they enjoy in their profiles and that this will capture the interest of more people- FALSE

Taking this approach has the effect of overwhelming those that are reading your profile, as it can obscure the information that would otherwise ATTRACT them to you.

Keep the type of person that you are looking to attract in mind, and focus your efforts on activities that you think you and this person may share an interest in.

List one or two activities; keep your profile short and to the point. Just hit the highlights – don’t tell your life storey.


Some people, in an attempt to emphasize their profile or make a point in a later email contact, make the mistake of capitalizing much or all of what they type. This is usually a turn-off because it tends to make people feel they are being SCREAMED AT ALL THE TIME! Don’t use this tactic to get attention. It will likely get you a negative response.

Talking About Past Relationships

Going over past relationships is a no-no, try to keep to the present unless asked, and even then don’t dwell, as this can give the impression that you may not be ready to move on.

Talking about past partners may send a subconscious message to the person that you are chatting with that they already have "competition" for your attention, and may cause them to move on without giving you a fair chance.

Being Too Negative

People who are cynical or negative in their profiles tend to make it seem that they are difficult to be around, and may actually put people off before they read any more.

A lot of negativity in a profile is a turn-off to potential readers.

Focus on the positive and you are more likely to have positive results. Persons who are very negative often find themselves the victim of one negative experience after another.

Moving Too Fast (Marry Me)

Moving too fast feels desperate and frightens people away. Proposing after a few chats or saying "I love you" after a few dates are red flags that come up a bit later in the relationship. Don’t make these mistakes. Take it slowly."

Want to read more? take a look at the folowing exerpts from the book.


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