Dating Advice Choosing Photos

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Online Dating Advice Choosing Your Picture

We have just about finished our brand new online dating advice book, and have decided to share a few of the main points of the advice book on the Blog for easy access- however if you want a full copy it is FREE and can either be found in your membership email when you joing our blog, or can be downloaded directly on this page Dating advice e book


Now it’s time for you to upload your photo(s). This is where MANY guys mess up.

Now this is a BIGGIE- You must have a profile picture to stand a chance- we could go into all the studies and reports that have been done about this, but we wont bore you with stats.

Put simply if you don’t have a picture you wont get a date.

You have to remember online dating is essentially window shopping, and if you have no profile picture or even a bad profile picture then you wont even spark enough interest to get to your carefully written profile noticed and all of the work that you have done so far will be wasted, in the eyes of those you want to attract.

The whole searching aspect of these sites is based around DISCOUNTING profiles, so you can find the one profile that grabs your attention in the least amount of time.

Its human nature to put things into groups, and being in either the " No picture" or "bad picture" group will make it much easier to pass over your profile without regard.

If your online picture does not grab attention you are already off the radar.

Here are some general guidelines for you:

Good pictures include:
* pictures of you with your dog
* pictures of you with a baby (nieces/nephews, etc – although only if you want kids someday and want a partner who wants kids – this shows that you are good with kids and people that are that way inclined love that)
* pictures of you in a suit/ nice dress

Bad pictures include:
* pictures of you with your car (think about the message this sends)
* pictures of you donning a backwards baseball cap (unless you’re 22 or younger–if you’re older than that, people think you’re still immature) 
* pictures of you dressed in full sports gear, complete with face paint and that crazed-fan look on your face.
* pictures that have clearly been staged in what looks like an "online dating photo shoot"
* pictures of you with your ex-partner cropped out (or left in for that matter!).

Potential partners know you have a past and ex-partners, but they don’t want to see it before even meeting you.
* pictures of you half dressed/undressed, etc. Women are not as visual as men, so they don’t need to see this – EVEN if you have a killer body. A little mystery goes a long way.
Picture choices are critical – do not underestimate them.

No matter how many times you hear people say that they "don’t judge a book by its cover" THEY DO! And having a bad profile picture WILL lose you points when people stumble on your profile.

Conversely, don’t be too harsh on others, they have gone through the same process as you, and you shouldn’t discount them on first impressions- a good test is to think about your ex partners, and whether you would have passed them by based on a profile picture?.. you could be missing a GEM because you are holding out for a "perfect" representation of what you have in mind- even though you may not have a clear mental picture of what you are looking for!..


Want to read more? take a look at the folowing exerpts from the book.


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