Dating Advice 31-40

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Online Dating Tips

TIPS 31-40

If someone shows an interest acknowledge them and maybes even communicate at the same time with two or more people.

Keep an open mind to your way of thinking about dating-have a little fun and use the light-hearted polls and quizzes on dating related stuff, you near know what you might find out about yourself!

Try not to self sabotage-be careful not to mention your weaknesses, or to exaggerate the negative points, if you cant see your strengths, how is anyone else supposed to?

Don’t expect too much too soon-if you start talking to someone, it’s not a good idea to tell them about the children you’ve always wanted or the perfect wedding, not just yet anyhow!

Keep someone in the know-on a safety level it might be a good idea that if you have struck up a regular conversation and things look to be going further, maybe tell a family member or close friend, or even write it down somewhere, keep all bases covered.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, people tend to get carried away in talking about themselves and you’re never going to know these things unless you ask.

be friendly and polite. Cracking bad jokes, excessive swearing, or voicing strong maybe controversial opinions, may not get you onto the right foot.

If after a few weeks you are not getting the ‘ right’ sort of person then take a look at your profile and information, could something you have written be tweaked, could something you have written be taken the wrong way?

Use your sense of humour, people notice you more when they can see you are capable of having fun and it’s a great way of breaking the ice as well.

Lastly, be yourself, have fun and keep it real. Remember there is someone out there for you, put the effort in and reap the rewards. Enjoy!

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