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Online Dating Tips

Get ahead of the online dating crowd with our top 40 online dating tips, our latest set of tips are designed to help you to understand what things you need to look out for and what you can do to make your profile stand out, and have a successful experience with any site that you use

TIPS 1 -10

Honesty- be honest about who you are when writing your profile, starting any relationship off based on a lie is always a bad idea. There is someone out there who IS looking for YOU…

Photograph- Use a clear and current photograph. Try to use a picture of you in a “natural” environment, rather than an obviously staged portrait- it gives users the impression of honesty.

Planning- plan your efforts as to maximise your chances of finding what you want, sit and have a think about what you want to achieve and note this down before you even start looking online!

Research- Making the right choice of dating site is essential, there are a wide range of sites and each offer a different experience- decide what you want to achieve and read reviews of the site that are likely to be able to deliver.

Devil in the detail- Remember that your profile is an advert and that other singles will only be able to judge you on what you write, make sure that you are concise and clear about what you are looking for, and who you are.

Give a little- Don’t be too guarded with information about what you like, giving that extra snippet of information may be that little push that another user needs to actually contact you.

Filtering- Your profile is a great way to filter out users that you know you would not get on with, if you are looking for a tall partner, say so! This will save you from trawling through contacts from unsuitable partners.

Contain the SPAM- Set up a brand new email address that is specifically for dating- that way if you have had enough of the contact emails you are getting you can simply delete or ignore them without them cluttering your main inbox.

Try before you buy- one of the great things about online dating is that the best sites let you join for free on a trial basis, try a few out and only then decide which one ( if any) you want to become a subscribing member to.

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