Dating Advice 11-20

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Online Dating Tips

TIPS 11 -20

Get discounts- most online dating sites will offer MASSIVE reductions in online dating membership prices if they think they are losing you. Sign up for several sites on a free basis and watch the promotional offers roll in after week 4!

Remain private- Don’t be tempted to provide personal information on your profile page, even though the best sites filter out “strange sorts”, as with anything – rather safe than sorry!

Scams?- Yes there are potential scam artists online too- the telltale signs are, 1) asking for personal information 2) moving TOO quickly 3) not sharing too much detail – the list goes on, but if you feel threatened report the profile!

The past is gone- When starting a new relationship, it is a good idea not to waffle on about your ex and what they did/didn’t do, and this may show vulnerabilities to potential rogues

Money?- If someone asks your to lend or wire them money for any reason, and rally any amount – terminate the conversation and report them immediately – even just 1 pound, could amount to thousands if enough people contributed, and the scammers would keep coming back!

Single?- some site allow those that are actually in relationships to join, if this is not what your looking for be clear about this and ask for clarification from other members who seem ambiguous

Timings- Be wary of someone who can only communicate with you specific times, this may be an indication that they have another spouse to attend to!

Offer compliments- Remember that this is a two way thing, and that if you enjoyed having a chat with someone then let them know this, they may be flattered and more inclined to chat again.

Listen- Show the person that you are chatting with that you have been paying attention, maybe ask them how the trip to the park or how their gran was if they mentioned this to you in a previous email- it shows that you are interested in what they have said, and thought about them since you last chatted.

Travel?- Decide where you are willing to travel to pursue any relationships- there is no point connecting with singles in Australia if your only willing to travel on the local bus.

What do you want?- Be clear from the out set exactly what your looking for in the long term, if you are looking for a relationships rather than just some fun then say so, that way you are both clear about how far this will progress and bail out if its not for you.

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