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Dating tips for women,

Yes, we are aware that this list can be never ending, but weve gotta start somewhere! – This will be a weekly feature of the site, adding a new post each week, so be sure to sign up to our feed so that you get a heads up when, we publish something new!

There are probably a thousand things that you have found that drive your man crazy with lust, but on the other hand there may well be just as many that simply drive him crazy, and its the very subtle, sometimes subconscious, actions or behaviours that were gonna try to list here.

“Catty Conversations”

One of our researchers told us about the single most  identifiable “turn off” from his last relationship. On a drive home from a mates house, Dave ex-girlfriend  (notice the past tense) decided that she “didnt like sharon, she started bad-mouthing the other women she met that night, including Sharon, the friend that we sent to see! ”  “She quite literally had something not nice to say about every other female there. By the time she finished her rant (half an hour drive!), So what did Dave summise? well either all of his friends were “fat”, “stupid”,”annoying” or a combination of the affore mentioned, OR that his date was an insecure idiot!, he decided on the latter – and moved on.

His thinking was “if she is this bad now, how bad will she be in 6 months?!”

The moral of the story? Dont make your self difficult to see a future with!

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  • London Dating

    May 2, 2010, 6:50 am Reply

    I think that if you are in love, you should not feel inclined to show him you love him. Try to understand him, look into his eyes, tell him that you love him, and you will never leave him. Kiss him. Use your own words, be creative, and tell him in your own way, how you love him and he will not be able to resist you.

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