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Compatibility Tests

The ways in which we look for love online is becoming more and more sophisticated, no longer are users happy to simply be given an endless list of possible dates to trawl through in the hope of finding like minded singles, over the last two years the main matchmaking websites have started to take notice of this fact and have responded with the online compatibility test, this is a much more up to date and "scientific" approach to matchmaking.

This new feature seeks to draw in those singles that are finding that the traditional methods of search and hope are far too time consuming and nowhere near targeted enough to be of any use, and are tending to use compatibility matching as a primary tool. The systems work by basically taking you through a set of online questions and asking for specific responses to a number of scenarios so that the database can try to work out what makes you tick and also exactly what you are looking for in a partner- taking into account known relationship traits that have been identified by a team of psychologists or other intellectuals and then matching you up with others that most closely match your own profile.

These "tests" are not actually tests in the usual sense of the word, as there is never a right or wrong way to answer them, they are merely a tool to get to know you better, and then match you with the most compatible singles on the database. Most of the main site offers some form of compatibility matching, with the most comprehensive being eHarmony who heavily rely on this tool, and will bring you up to 9 personal matches a day based on the information provide, this is ideal if you have a hectic life and want to get a partner on the fly.