Choosing a Good Profile Picture

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The second of a superb set of online dating tips from best selling author Dr Joel Block Ph.D., relationship expert for CanDoBetter:-

Choosing a good profile picture

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when posting is that both men and women are visual. So you got it…your pictures are going to be worth a thousand words. Write a killer profile but post a bad photo and you can bet you won’t get as many responses.
Consider, there is really no point in putting up a photo that doesn’t look like you at this very moment in time. That doesn’t mean you can’t put up a gorgeous photo of yourself (as you should since this is the first impression your potential date will have of you), but you need to make sure it’s a look you can replicate if you were to meet Mr. Right or Ms. Right for coffee…today. Keep these ideas in mind when posting a great photo:

1. Do smile for the camera.
Being mysterious and coy may work in a bar, but online your best bet is to look friendly and fun. Post a happy, smiling photo!

2. Don’t wear sunglasses, a hat or anything that obstructs.
Show your smile, sparkling eyes and great look. Any photo that disguises those is a wasted upload!

3. Do dress cute and casual.
You want to look like you’re at Sunday brunch with friends, or like you’re on a first date. You want to look like a “real” person a potential date could imagine hanging out with!

4. Don’t try to be too sexy.
Trashy is not going to get you the kind of responses you’re seeking, unless that is what you’re seeking.

5. Do include action shots.
No, not you flying through the air, but yes you doing something that you love. This shows potential dates about your interests without you saying a word!

6. Do vary outfits, poses, backgrounds.
Remember, you’re trying to create a well-rounded picture collage of yourself from all angles.

7. Don’t post an “aged” photo of yourself.
Seriously, they will notice the 10-year age difference when you walk in the door.

8. Do include a close-up.
This is especially important for your “main” photo. If all your photos are from a distance, you’ll likely be kept at a distance as well.

9. Do post a full-body shot!
If you don’t post a full-body shot, prospective daters may assume you’re hiding something…whether true or not!

10. Don’t post group photos.
You want his focus to remain on you, not your best friend who happens to be better looking than you!

11. Don’t post a photo minus your ex.
Seriously…people can see that area where you “erased” the other person in the photo and all that’s left is an arm around you.

12. Don’t post a photo with children.
If you have kids, you probably love them to death and that’s great, but do you really to expose them to all the people who will view your photos? And if they’re not your children, do you want to have to explain this in your profile?

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