Guardian Soulmates UK

Guardian Soulmates UK Guardian Soulmates UK is another popular online dating site.  This is especially true for people in the UK area.  It’s easy to see why this is the case.  After all, it is the dating service of The Guardian broadsheet which is also very popular in its own right. So what makes it [...]

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It can have escaped your notice that the dating site have launched a new advertising campaign aimed at the UK singles market, so lets take a look at what the new adverts are all about and what they are saying about the dating site and the types of relationships that they are looking to [...]

eHarmony Ads | Charlotte

This is the second of 3 brand new television adverts published by the UK arm of the popular online dating website eHarmony, again the style of the advert is from the perspective of somone that actually uses the website so can give you a bit of an insight into what an actual user experiance of [...]

eHarmony Ads | Mel

Eharmony UK have just released a series of new television advertisements in the United Kingdom depicting 3 everyday singles who have joined the eharmony dating service and giving an insight into why they chose eharmony and what they have gained from the website. The fers of the new ads is by "Mel" who mentiones that [...]

Guardian soulmates

  With over 50 reviews under our collective belts we can believe that we missed this one for so long, so here is our no holds barred review of the Guardian soulmates  site. Where to start? well we did a little research into the guardian soulmates service before we took the plung and signed up, [...] Telephone number

Taking another look through the footage of on Watchdog yesterday we noticed that the telephone number only flashed up for 2.1 (yes we timed it) seconds, so for all of you that saw the program but didn't get enough time to actually write it down ( and hoped that someone who did would share [...]

Match Affinity- The best UK Dating Site | according to poll

Match Affinity - The last of the 8 major UK online dating sites to emerge ( launching just over a year ago) has just overtaken eharmony to gain the number one spot as the best UK Dating site of 2011 following a recent poll of our users. During the poll of over 3000 singles, the [...] Online dating for Irish singles from

The UK's most Popular online dating site MATCH.COM seem to have noted the recent trend for area specific dating, in realiseing that not many singles  want to travel a thousands miles for a date (or if they do they could use a Transatlantic service like and responded with, a seperate dating service that [...]

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