Telephone number – Contact Customer services 0800 Telephone numbers for Customer services can be difficult to find, so we have listed all of the latest contact information for the dating site in case any of you want to speak to a real person over the telephone about your dating account: The address for head office in the UK is: [...]

Steps to cancel membership

Finding out how to go about cancelling your subscription can be pretty straight forward, however as to be expected they don’t want you to cancel your membership so there is no big “cancel here” button on the site. But even though it’s a simple process many of our readers have reported problems with [...]

How do i cancel Subscription

Over the last few weeks we have been asked by users "how do I cancel my membership subscription?" What is obvious about is that they don't want to lose your custom, which - I think is fair to say, is pretty much the same for any online dating site. Although the dating site [...]

How do i cancel my eharmony membership

Eharmony are better than most online dating sites when it come to cancelling your membership subscription. Whilst it is understandable that they would rather that you didnt want to cancel you memberhsip, they are pretty easy to get away from ( unlike ofther dating sites) and offer a vert detailed guide on how users can [...]

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